CMS version 5.2.2.

Version 5.2.2 of WebBox CMS was released on 4th October 2018 with the following changes:

Notable features

  • Added CMS management for user addresses.
  • Blog wall supports AJAX to load more.


  • Core form type: Fixed "request" not being copied into the form instance properties.
  • Live HTACCESS: Stub block for custom redirects.
  • Updated Egulias email validator to 2.1.6.
  • Updated KNP labs components to 1.3.10.
  • Updated PHP office spreadsheet to 1.4.1.
  • Updated Sensio labs framework extra bundle to 5.2.1.
  • Updated Stripe PHP to 6.19.1.
  • Updated SwiftMailer to 6.1.3.
  • Updated Symfony to 3.4.16.

Admin (CMS)

  • Added modal DOM for dynamic modals.
  • Data type content form: Fixed some value changes not saving.
  • Modal titles should be using H5 tag, not H2 or H4.
  • Style: Fixed excessively big close button in modals.


  • AJAX validation:
    • Support for JSON encoded form options.
    • Actually pass in custom form options to the form instance!
  • Layout:
    • Disabled use of invisible ReCAPTCHA as it's somewhat broken.
    • Improvements to asynchronous JavaScript loading.
    • JS: Attempt to initialise the main script immediately after load, only starting an interval repeat if it fails.
    • Tweaks for Modernizr compatibility issues.
  • Modal titles should be using H5 tag, not H2 or H4.


  • CMS form: Not sure how the author field got renamed to title, ha ha!
  • Implemented serialisation interface.
  • Wall now supports AJAX load more.


  • Addresses:
    • Added CMS management.
    • Added helper functions for getting name.
    • Added serialization.
  • Products:
    • Implemented serialisation interface.
    • Improved typeahead.