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If you're wondering what you should be doing to increase engagement and see tangible results, why not make the most of our free digital audit?

We're offering a free audit to organisations and businesses who need to get to the next level with a unique and tailored approach.

Our team will take the time to give you feedback during a playback session to talk you through our suggestions and the impact they can have.

Don't wait, request your free digital audit today and let’s see what we can uncover.

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So, how does it work?

First of all, we will have an introductory call with you to get to know you, the organisation and find out more about your current challenges. We will discuss your existing activity, your challenges and objectives, in order to define what you would like us to audit*. Each audit will include a manual review of a particular element of your digital assets and activity, such as an existing paid ads campaign or the user experience of your website.

Next up, our team will put their heads together to audit your website and/or paid ads campaigns and compile a list of recommendations. 

Finally, we arrange a playback session in order for us to show you our findings and highlight areas for improvement. 

As a result, you will have clear direction on the steps you need to take in order to boost your brand.

*Please note that our audits are subject to availability after an initial conversation with one of our team.

Having previously undertaken our digital marketing in-house, we identified the need to use a specialist partner to take our campaigns to the next level. After choosing WebBox, we have grown our paid ads campaigns whilst retaining a positive ROI, with the primary focus to acquire new customers for the brand. It's been exciting to work with WebBox and hear the ideas they have for us - most recently, to trial a campaign on TikTok over the coming months. Thanks to the team at WebBox and we look forward to continuing our partnership!

Daniel Jobbins Co-founder and Creative Director, Tikiboo Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to make sure that we could provide you with options depending on what you want/need to know. That's why we offer audits of the following:  

  • Websites / Web Applications
  • A scope of work / brief for an upcoming project
  • CMS
  • Paid ads campaigns including those on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok 

Want to talk about something specific? Get in touch via the form above.

Simply get in touch by filling out the form above and a member of our team will get back to you about next steps and availability.*

This will depend on what we’re auditing and our availability, but as a general rule of thumb we take 1-2 weeks to complete an audit and get it back to you.

First and foremost, we need to be able to get in touch with you so that we can get to know you, your business and your current challenges better. Also, depending on what we’re auditing for you we’ll need access to your website, CMS, Google Analytics and/or your ads platform. Finally, 30 - 60 minutes to playback our findings and share our audit with you.

We will share with you our findings in a transparent and professional way. If everything is positive, then we will confirm that. But if there is room for improvement, then we’ll make this clear. We will then follow up with written confirmation of our findings.

We are happy to undertake a no obligation digital audit on the basis that both parties give this the time that it deserves and we have the opportunity to highlight areas for improvement that WebBox could potentially help you with. We also reserve the right to withdraw an offer to undertake an audit depending on the circumstances.

No, we will need access to the relevant accounts in order to undertake a thorough audit. There are ways around us accessing your accounts without an existing agency knowing this, if that’s a concern to you.

Each of our audits are unique to you, we’re not a fan of templates or automated reports. If there’s something that you’d like us to look at specifically, or if you’d like the audit presented in a particular way, then just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate this.

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01Good fit?

We like to meet and get to know you. We find it helps to see whether we are a good fit.

02Your brief

Great news if you’ve already got a brief - we’d love to see it. If not, let’s chat as we can help with that.

03The process

There’s no cookie-cutter model here. Ask us how we adapt the process to each project.