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If you’re looking for a product or service, what do you do first? Jump online and browse around a few websites. Often it’s the first interaction you’ll have with your potential client or customer — so you need a show-stopping website that captures who you are. That’s where our web development services come in!

We have created web-based platforms for a range of businesses and organisations, often with complex requirements and integrations of 3rd party platforms. No matter what our clients come to use, we work with them to understand what the best solution is for them and how we can use our experience and expertise to deliver the project.

We offer bespoke web development through our team of experienced web developers — let us help you.

Whether you’re looking to create a complex web experience that takes your user on a journey through cutting edge animation or a platform that integrates with an external system such as CRM, payment systems or a marketing automation platform we’ve got you covered. You can almost guarantee that our team of specialist developers will have probably done it before and be able to share their wisdom with you.

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Why Work With Us On Your Next Web Development Project? 

We work with our clients to get to know them as a partner, rather than being just another digital agency. By starting each web development project with an open and honest conversation, we can understand the needs of our clients and provide the best web-based solution possible. 

As well as our award-winning design work, we pride ourselves on our bespoke web development capabilities. Our solutions are based on a unique marriage of technicality and creativity, allowing us to create bespoke web-based solutions that reflect your brand and refine your business processes.

Being collaboratively creative means that we take the time to understand the business’ aims and objectives, before hand-crafting a bespoke site, system or platform to create the best possible experience for your users. Each website is designed with your target audience(s) in mind and is compatible on both web and mobile — after all, the majority of website traffic now comes from mobile devices, meaning it has to be easy to use, no matter what the device. 


Our Website Development and Design Process 

Each web development project and client is unique, so we take the time to understand your business or organisation rather than pigeonhole you into an off-the-shelf process. We never use templates that everyone has seen before — that’s not the WebBox way. Instead, we use our years of combined expertise, partnered with creative flair, to produce a bespoke solution which is fit for purpose and allows you to scale, while also being easy to use and working inline with your internal processes. 

Whether you’re looking for a new site, eCommerce functionality, development to an existing system or want to freshen up your brand, you need to be able to see a return on investment. To ensure that you see tangible results, we use our decades of combined experience, data available to us and our unique process to add value to the project.

All bespoke websites and platforms are created by our experienced, qualified and responsive web design team. We will guide you using our expertise to get tangible results, including making sure your site is mobile friendly and optimised for search engines. Additionally, you will have access to our team to discuss your vision, while also making the most of our experience, creativity, technical ability, project management and insights.

In short: we’ll work with you to create a bespoke website or platform that delivers your objectives, showcases who you are and allows you to scale up as required. Using the latest technology, our web team’s expertise, industry insights and creative design, we will create a website that your customers and stakeholders will love. 

Whether you’re looking to share a brief with us, discuss an idea, refresh your existing site or create a brand-new one, our team is happy to help as your web development company.

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Common Questions

The starting point should be to outline your requirements (regardless of whether this is brief) and share this with us. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and work with you to flesh out your requirements into a detailed scope of work document. It’s also a good idea to find examples of sites you like so that you can share with the web developer.

Any website design agency that you work with should have relevant experience that they can show you as well as a dedicated team, preferably in-house. Also, you’re looking for website development agencies that see you as a partner rather than a number, and allow you to be part of the process, be able to give opinions and ask questions in an open and honest way.

Yes, we strongly recommend it. This gives the client control over managing the content on the website, so they are less reliant on their web designer. There are many CMSs available and some agencies only work with one. Our web development team works with a handful of CMSs and will work with them to recommend the most appropriate CMS based on their requirements.

Yes we can — however, this will depend on the programming languages used and is subject to a code review. Get in touch with our team to discuss whether we can inherit your existing project.

In short: yes. One of our core values is being collaboratively creative, this means that we want to talk to our clients and understand how we can work together to make this project a success. You know your business better than anyone and we know how to create unrivalled web experiences; combining these two things will get the best outcome and makes for a seamless user experience.

Depending on your website project, we choose the most suitable languages for the project, which will also allow you to scale the platform as you continue to grow your business. Regarding CMSs, we use a number of CMSs including Wordpress Development, Sulu, Prismic, Ibexa, Magento, or we could develop a bespoke CMS for you. In terms of the backend we are PHP-based developers (we mainly use Symfony or Laravel), whereas for the front end we use VueJS, Twig, Javascript, LESS, SASS, HTML and CSS. The key is choosing the most suitable CMS and technology stack for the project.

Each project is individually assessed in terms of requirements and, in light of these, we then choose the most suitable methodology to use. As a team we prefer using Agile, but we also use Kanban and Waterfall where appropriate.

Over the years we have developed countless integrations with CRMs, accounts platforms, payment gateways, shipping providers and bespoke platforms. Whatever you’d like to integrate into your new website, our web development and software development team will be able to support you in making it a reality.

This is where we come into our own, as we often work on complex web projects which include multiple integrations and automation, in order to aid your internal workflow.

At WebBox, our approach revolves around being agnostic within the realms of PHP, hence we aim to choose the best web programming language and CMS for the project.

A Web Development Agency works with businesses to support them in creating websites and web applications that will be used to represent their brand online. This can involve creating a new site that is responsive on web and mobile, or updating an existing website.

Here are five questions that you should ask a web development company before starting work with them: 

  1. Have you worked on projects like this before? Can I see examples? 
  2. What is your process? 
  3. Which content management systems (CMSs) do you use? 
  4. What services are provided as part of the project? 
  5. Will my website be able to scale with my business?
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I found the whole process simple and painless, which was not the case with previous companies. The brief we gave was clearly reflected in the end product. 

We are delighted with the result and everyone in the organisation is enthusiastic about the improvement delivered! I have found WebBox professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with. They also delivered the site over a week ahead of target!

Richard Proctor Chief Executive, Bay Leisure Ltd

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03The process

There’s no cookie-cutter model here. Ask us how we adapt the process to each project.

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