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Custom WordPress Development Services

Over the last 20 years, businesses have become more and more reliant on their online presence. Having a clean, crisp website which conveys your brand message and loads fast should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts. When it comes to WordPress web development, you want to partner with a trusted agency.

WebBox offers a transparent and collaborative WordPress development service with our in-house WordPress web developers. As your dedicated WordPress development agency, we will be there, step by step, through the entire process, ensuring that your WordPress website is ready to deliver your brand to your online audience in the best possible way. Having the right WordPress website developer by your side who fully understands your company, its ethos, and vision can make all the difference to the impactfulness of your WordPress website; the team at WebBox are ready to make that happen. Are you interested in taking your company's web presence to the next level? Get in touch today and ask about our custom WordPress development services.

WordPress Development Agency
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Why Choose WebBox as Your Custom WordPress Development Agency in Cardiff? 

WebBox has been the go-to WordPress development agency for top-level UK companies since 2008. We understand the online, front-facing and back end needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Making your online presence stand apart with our WordPress custom theme development is our passion, and you can see that through the clients we have worked within the past. When you choose WebBox, you select the leading WordPress development agency in Cardiff or anywhere in the UK. Let our team of WordPress website development experts get your business online in a way you never thought possible. Having a speedy, beautiful website is more important than ever in the changing dynamic of today's world. We can get you started today with a bespoke WordPress development package that will bring your online branding to the next level and won't break the bank. Read More...

The WordPress CMS Offers Simple, Clean, Fast & Functional Websites which Look Great & Convert Visitors Into Customers

In today's world, your WordPress website not only has to look incredible; it also needs to be lightning fast. Don't make the mistake of using so-called free service website platforms that are not only loaded with hidden fees - but generate subpar products that will load incredibly slow. WordPress dominates the online market with over fifty per cent of the market share for a good reason because it works. At WebBox, our WordPress development service is second to none in the industry, and we are a customer-first organisation. Part of WordPress's increasing appeal as a platform is its ease of use once the website is built by a professional WordPress developer. Cardiff companies, like the rest of the world, are constantly in search of custom WordPress development services they can trust and rely on to ensure their company's web presence is top-notch. Give us a call today and find out what our custom WordPress website development services can do for your company.

From Design to Maintenance: Our Custom WordPress Development Service Has You Covered

When you contract WebBox for your custom WordPress development, we will be there through every phase of the process, from design to managed hosting and website maintenance. Our custom WordPress development services can be scaled to meet the needs of any business in any industry - worldwide. Whether you need a simple one-page design or a complex eCommerce store with major customisations, we have everything you need as your WordPress development agency in Cardiff. Our talented team of WordPress website development professionals have the experience, and technical proficiency companies seek to create or expand their online footprint. Don't hesitate to cement your company's branding across the world online; call us for a quote on our custom WordPress theme development service and take your brand to the next level!

As a Custom WordPress Development Company with Over 14 Years Experience, Your Project is in Safe Hands with WebBox 

When you trust a custom WordPress development company with your company's online future, you want to know they have your best interest in mind. Like any industry, there are a plethora of WordPress developers out there who simply don't have the experience they advertise. With WebBox, it's easy to see our history all over the web, and we are excited to bring our knowledge and expertise in WordPress web development to your business. No matter the size or shape of your company, we have everything you are looking for in a custom WordPress development agency. We are much more than your run of the mill WordPress website developer; we will see to it that your website is not only set apart by great design, UX/UI and exceptional speed - it will speak to your company's brand. Like what you see here? Get in contact and ask about our custom WordPress website development packages and options for companies of any size.

Our Team of Cardiff WordPress Web Developers Offer Outstanding WordPress Custom Theme Development

WebBox is a company that is dedicated to providing the absolute best in modern custom WordPress website development services in the UK. We know how much your company and its brand mean to you; that's why we tailor every bespoke WordPress development project precisely to the needs and desires of the client. Are you looking for WordPress custom theme development with a personal touch? WebBox has the team of custom WordPress website development gurus that you have been looking for. Every company is different with its own set of wants and needs for WordPress web development, and we know how to meet those requirements in whatever time frame is decided upon. We have custom WordPress development options for every business to meet your budget and exceed your expectations. You are just a click away from creating a unique WordPress website for your company that will have visitors clamouring to be converted into paying customers. If you have any questions about the WebBox WordPress development service, please feel free to call us on 02920 09 19 29 to speak to one of our highly knowledgeable Cardiff WordPress developers.  

WebBox’s Custom WordPress Website Development Services Includes: 

Custom WordPress Development & Design 

When it comes to WordPress web development and design, you will find that WebBox is a leader in the industry - not only in the UK but also worldwide. We make it easy for companies in any industry to get the best out of custom WordPress website development. We know precisely what companies need to make their mark in the online world of business. Whether you are a company based in eCommerce or a brick-and-mortar family business, our WordPress development service will ensure your website is everything you need and more. Why wait? Call us today and get started.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

As your WordPress development company, WebBox will pay extraordinary attention to detail regarding your company's online presence. After all, social media can only do so much, and companies have been waking up to the fact that their website is the most crucial aspect and the centrepiece of their online branding. Our specialist WordPress website developers ensure that your WordPress website has an excellent user experience and exceptional design experience. Our custom WordPress website development services can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. Whether you are a well-established or growing startup, we can create the right package for you.

Custom WordPress Code Development

At WebBox, our highly experienced team of WordPress web development specialists pride themselves on the quality of their code. Not all code is created equal. You want a WordPress website developer who knows the ins and outs of custom WordPress website development to ensure that the end result outperforms your expectations. We will never cut corners in the coding process when you contact us for custom WordPress website development services. Your website will load at incredible speeds, and the design will be simply next level so that your potential customers will be engaged with your content and convert into new business. 

Custom WordPress Plugin Setup to Increase Functionality

Do you need a custom plugin designed to add additional functionality to your website? We have the experienced WordPress web developers you have been looking for. Our custom WordPress website development services encompass everything from lightning-fast loading to building out specific proprietary plugins that will have your competition wondering what happens to all of their clientele once your new website is live. We offer first-class WordPress development in Cardiff and anywhere else in the UK. We can build anything you need in the online space and are happy to create a custom WordPress web development proposal for your consideration. 

Custom WordPress Menus & Widget Setup 

At WebBox, we work hard to be more than just a WordPress development agency for our clients. We want to optimise your brand's online profile, so you see more clients coming through your web portal than ever before. Having the proper menus and widgets set up is an essential part of that process. Our expert custom WordPress development department will ensure your website is configured correctly right from the start. Whether you need a mega menu because the default menu is insufficient for your company's needs or want a customised solution for advanced widget functionality just for your business - we have you covered.

WordPress Speed Optimisation

When it comes to a website's online performance, page speed is critical. Our WordPress web developers are masters in page speed optimisation and will apply their extensive knowledge to your custom WordPress website development project. Customers want to find what they are looking for on your website quickly and efficiently; this is why search engine algorithms such as Google’s prefer faster loading sites. Our WordPress web developers are masters in page speed optimisation and will apply their extensive knowledge to your custom WordPress website development project. We will see to it that your website is above standard when it comes to page loading speed. Contact us today about the WordPress speed optimisation, which is included in our custom WordPress development service and get your website ready to take on the world.

Need eCommerce Capabilities? Our WordPress Web Developers Can Easily Incorporate WooCommerce Into Your Site

Product-based businesses over the last 10 years, product-based companies have been moving toward the online marketplace at a record pace. Your company shouldn't miss out on the opportunities presented by the eCommerce boom. Let our talented WordPress web development experts do the heavy lifting and set your website up with WooCommerce functionality. Don't fall into the trap of so-called free services that will bankrupt you later at every turn - your online store should be yours. We believe in building your online presence with you as your WordPress development agency and ensuring that you have the best possible website to increase your sales conversion and grow alongside your business. We have helped countless UK businesses get online over the last 14 years, and we know just how to get your business out there in the online world. Contact us for a free custom WordPress development consultation and see what eCommerce success we can bring to your company.

Harness the Power of WordPress with Our WordPress Development Agency in Cardiff

Being a WordPress development agency in Cardiff gives us a unique perspective that companies from overseas just don't have. We are from the United Kingdom, which shows in our WordPress web development work. Let us help you harness the full power of WordPress development for your company and see the difference. Many companies make the mistake of hiring a foreign agency that cuts corners and often runs over timelines and budgets. With WebBox, you will get precisely what you invest in - on time, every time, with no exceptions. We believe in community first operations and want to work with companies with those same values. Are you interested in one of our bespoke WordPress development packages? Let's get started through a no-cost consultation; you are just a click away from the perfect website for your company.

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Custom WordPress Development Services FAQs

What is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source CMS (content management system) that allows users to create and edit a website using accessible features such as drag and drop, widgets and plugins. WordPress web development offers an accessible platform for people new to website development. But WordPress web development can also be highly challenging as the WordPress CMS is an extremely feature-rich and powerful platform when utilised by an experienced custom WordPress development agency.

When looking for a WordPress development agency, it's essential to consider a few things. Firstly, consider the size and scope of your project and timelines and budget. Are you looking for a one-time job? Or are you in need of ongoing support? Secondly, look for reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the quality of work that specific companies offer. WordPress development services are everywhere, so make sure to contact a reputable company.


WordPress web development is designed to be scalable. After all, there is a reason that 60% of websites are built on the platform. The right custom WordPress theme development service will be able to make you a website of any size with incredible design elements that will be optimised for future growth. If you do an online search for a WordPress developer near me, you should find plenty of results and can reach out to various companies for consultation.

WebBox is a full-service custom WordPress development company that offers Woocommerce integration and many other services. Whatever your needs are for WordPress web development, we have the in-house WordPress web developers to not only complete the job on time and within budget. Still, we exceed your expectations as a WordPress web developer. We are happy to build an eCommerce website to take your company to the next level.

Our custom WordPress theme development service is renowned in the United Kingdom. We specialise in custom WordPress website development, including building custom themes. We have been designing and building custom themes for the community for 14 years and can create any theme you and your company can dream of.

At WebBox, we believe in personal relationships. When you contact us as your WordPress web development service, you will have a dedicated project manager from start to finish and beyond. We know how much your business means to you and want to be there through the entire process of WordPress web development so you know who you are talking to, and if there is ever an issue, we will be there to help.

WebBox is your dedicated WordPress development agency in Cardiff. We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to custom WordPress website development, eCommerce development, and marketing consulting. Some of the main benefits of working with WebBox are access to our experienced team and their extensive knowledge of WordPress web development. Our project management system allows us to keep track of all the minor details involved in your project from start to finish.

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