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Your website is more than just a tool, it should be a dynamic web experience which reflects your business. It’s your introduction to future customers and your opportunity to engage with existing customers. This means it needs to be inviting, interesting and user friendly with a design that shares who you are from the moment they click the link. That’s where we come in.


Offering user fixated websites that are completely unique to your brand - through working with our talented web team you can have a website that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. We also consider your internal workflow and day to day requirements, in order to deliver a content management system (CMS) which works for you and makes light work of content changes.

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Website Design Agency

We work with our clients to get to know them as a partner, rather than just being another digital agency. By starting each project with an open and honest conversation, we can understand the needs of our clients and provide the best web design and experience possible.

As well as our talented group of designers who like nothing more than to take a briefing and turn it into something truly unique to reflect your brand online. Our solutions are based on a unique marriage of technicality and design, allowing us to create bespoke websites that reflect your brand and business processes.

Being creatively collaborative means that we can understand the business goals our clients have, before hand-crafting a bespoke design that results in the best possible experience for website visitors. Each website is designed with your target audience(s) in mind and is compatible on both web and mobile — after all, the majority of website traffic now comes from mobile devices, meaning it has to be easy to use, no matter what the device. 

Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing site or create a brand-new one, our team is happy to help you bring your brand to life online and help make you stand out.

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Common Questions

The starting point should be to outline your requirements (regardless of whether this is brief) and share this with us. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and work with you to flesh out your requirements into a detailed scope of work document. It’s also a good idea to find examples of sites you like so that you can share with the designer.

Any web design agency that you work with should have relevant experience that they can show you as well as a dedicated team, preferably in-house. Also, you’re looking for an agency that sees you as a partner rather than a number, and allows you to be part of the process, be able to give opinions and ask questions in an open and honest way.

Yes, we strongly recommend it. This gives the client control over managing the content on the website, so they are less reliant on their web designer. There are many CMSs available and some agencies only work with one. We work with a handful of CMSs and will work with them to recommend the most appropriate CMS based on their requirements.

A brief always helps, and it can also be beneficial to get your thoughts down on paper, which is why we created our website brief webinar and template. Feel free to listen to the webinar and use the template to help you write a website brief. Need a hand? Get in touch with us and one of the team will be happy to help you. 

There are many people involved in a web design project, but your main points of contact will include;
Project Manager
Account Director
UX Designer

It's important to work with a team that you can collaborate with and that understands you, as communication is a key part of any web design project.

In short: yes. One of our core values is being collaboratively creative, this means that we want to talk to our clients and understand how we can work together to make this project a success. You know your business better than anyone and we know how to create unrivalled web experiences; combining these two things will get the best outcome and makes for a seamless user experience.

Well it depends on a number of factors, but we'll always make this clear from the outset as no one likes hidden fees.

For example, some websites require higher spec servers if they're expecting large volumes of traffic. Other websites require our daily backup service. So let's discuss your specific requirements and decide what's best for your needs.

Using a template limits you in terms of what you can do to make the website your own, while it can increase the speed, this isn’t something that we do here at WebBox. All of our designs are created with the client in mind as a bespoke project.

It is also worth noting that off the shelf templates and themes often require regular security updates, which in itself would require a subscription that would need to be maintained.

This will be dependent on the type of website, the complexity of the design and other elements. To get a rough idea get in touch with our team to talk requirements.

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WebBox have partnered with us over many years, providing support and technical assistance with our website, and so they were a perfect fit for us when we were looking to update and refresh its content. During the redesign we found that the WebBox team not only understood our aim and mission as an organisation but were also able to translate that into digital content, providing suggestions and support along the way.

Rhodri Darcy The Union of Welsh Independents, Network Facilitator and Communications Officer

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We like to meet and get to know you. We find it helps to see whether we are a good fit.

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Great news if you’ve already got a brief - we’d love to see it. If not, let’s chat as we can help with that.

03The process

There’s no cookie-cutter model here. Ask us how we adapt the process to each project.