Google Ads Grant Management for Charities & Nonprofits

Specialising in charity & third sector Google Ads Grant campaigns, WebBox are proud to offer advice, management and training on Google Ads Grants for nonprofits. We take the time to understand your organisation and combine that with our expertise in Google Ads and knowledge of best practice to allow you to meet your digital objectives.

Let’s create amazing results together.

As a Google accredited partner, we fully support the lengths that they have taken to encourage charities to use Google Ads to reach their target audience, through offering free ad spend to nonprofits. 

The Google Ads Grant offers up to $10,000 in media spend per month to charitable organisations which apply and qualify for the grant. The Google Ad Grants programme is available internationally, helping a number of nonprofits to make their voices heard, while giving them digital space to create PPC campaigns that can further expand their digital marketing plans.

Through a strategic approach and knowledgeable account management, this form of free advertising can lead to charities being seen by potential donors as well as volunteers, leading to more on-site conversions.

That said, taking on the management of a Google Ads Grant campaign alone can be daunting, as there are a number of standards that you have to comply with, beyond the normal regulations set by Google. So, why not talk with us today and see how we could help you meet your goals.

Why Work With Us As Your Charity PPC Agency? 

How do you make sure that your ads will increase traffic and secure conversions while still promoting a meaningful message? Our charity PPC agency has a unique level of expertise when it comes to PPC campaigns and are all individually accredited by Google. Our PPC experts will work with you to plan a campaign designed to not only reach your objectives, but to go above and beyond with transparent reporting and direct access to your account manager. 

Once you’ve given us access to your Google Ads Grant account we take on the day-to-day management, so you can take time to focus on your organisation as a whole, knowing that we will monitor performance, make any adjustments needed and keep you up-to-date with regular reports that will show you what’s working and why. 

If you’d like to find out more about how our expert team can support you with Google Ads for charities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Common Questions

The Google Ads Grant is a scheme by Google to support non-profit organisations through providing funding so that they can get in front of donors, volunteers and those who matter through Google Ads. Each nonprofit that qualifies can get up to $10,000 per month in ad spend.

In terms of advertising, Google Ads Grants (or Google’s Charity Grant) work in the same way as a normal Google Ad by displaying your message to those who are searching for similar terms. The difference is that instead of spending your own budget, if you qualify you have access to up to $10,000 USD in advertising every month. You also have to ensure that the campaign meets the regulations set by Google, which apply specifically to grant accounts.

Firstly you need to make sure that you are eligible for the grant. This will depend on your country and you can see eligibility criteria here

Once you know that you’re eligible, you can apply for a Google for Non-Profits account. Following approval, you will be asked to submit an eligibility form that you will see within the activation page - you will then need to confirm you have completed the form. 

Once submitted, Google will get in touch with you about the status of your request, if it is approved, you can get started. 


Yes, Google Ads are an incredibly important part in any digital marketing strategy, and the fact that Google is willing to give up to $10,000 to charities and organisations who are looking to do good in the world is excellent. Effectively Google Ads Grants for nonprofits is free advertising, what is there to lose?

You must be eligible and not promote hate speech of any kind. Additionally, there are some limits on budgets and ad spend to be aware of when taking part in the scheme. All accounts are limited to a monthly budget of $10,000 USD, which equates to a daily budget of $329 USD.

Additionally, the daily budget remains even if you split it across multiple campaigns. As Google notes ‘even though you'll be able to technically add higher budgets in your account, the actual spend for the whole account will automatically be capped.’

Get in touch with us to discuss the other restrictions of Google Grant accounts and how we can help you achieve results whilst also complying with Google’s restrictions.


  1. You can easily drive traffic to your website or landing page, because the people who are being advertised to will already have an interest in your organisation or similar nonprofits 
  2. Google is the number one search engine in the world — meaning that it gets much more reach than its competitors and, therefore, increases your chances to be found online and conversions
  3. Google Ads have specifically put money aside to support charity PPC campaigns, as they know that how much they can increase website traffic, as well as helping to reach potential donors and volunteers

Not only can Google Ads be a bit of a minefield when you first start doing them, they also take time to run and optimise. By working with a digital agency for your Google grant management, you have more time to focus on your organisation while the experts manage the day-to-day of the and focus on getting the best results for your charity. 

Our team of experts stay on top of the constantly-changing landscape of PPC, meaning that we know how to optimise your campaigns and get conversions based on those changes. Additionally, with bi-weekly or monthly reporting we can report the noteworthy items to you rather than smaller changes.


Yes, we produce a report based on your KPIs. Generally these reports are bi-weekly or monthly depending on what the campaign needs. You will also have a member of our team on hand to answer any questions you may have.

There is a fee paid to WebBox for managing the campaign — this will be made clear to you in your proposal. If you qualify for the Google Ads Grant, you won’t incur any additional fees, unless you choose to have a separate Google Ads campaign which uses additional budget.

If you qualify for the Google Ads Grant, you won’t incur any fees. The only exception to this is if you choose to create a separate Google Ads campaign which uses additional budget you may have. In this case, you would pay those fees directly to Google.

Normally, you will get the grant within a few weeks (if your organisation qualifies for the grant).

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