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Website Support & Maintenance

You need peace of mind that your website is going to be taken care of — which is why we provide our relentlessly responsive website support and maintenance service to keep your site running smoothly.

Your website is your stamp on the digital world. You’ve spent time, effort and money to make sure it represents your brand and gives your customers an excellent user experience. That’s why you don’t want to worry about updates derailing your site.


Website maintenance is a crucial part of modern business; long gone are the days where websites could be set up and left to fend for themselves. As software evolves to give us faster, more secure and more visible websites, you need to ensure that all of these are kept up to date. Sound daunting? It doesn't need to be when there are experts on hand to help keep your website in the best possible shape. WebBox was born to offer industry-leading support including monthly management, ad-hoc support and ongoing services. Read More...

Why You Need Website Maintenance and Support Services

To build a website that stands out and reflects your brand, you need to entrust the best developers and designers with such an important task, it’s not something you’d simply pick up and do yourself. Similarly, maintaining a site takes knowledge and time to ensure it works like a well oiled machine. 

That’s why we wanted to create tailored plans that gave businesses the support they needed, from having someone to call for support, to full maintenance to take it off of your hands.

By working with a website maintenance company, you know that there are professional developers giving your site the TLC it needs, including ongoing optimisation and monitoring.

Why Work With Us For Website Support and Maintenance? 

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, which is at the heart of our business and is included in our company values. This includes being relentlessly responsive: our team is on hand to get back to you quickly. How can we assure you of this? Well, our current average response time to website support queries is 36 minutes - and this is something we monitor frequently to stay on track!

We understand that not everyone has the time or expertise to update their website, plugins, CMS and more, which is why we are providing both support and website maintenance. We also take time to monitor your website and are proactive in our approach, meaning that we can often sort any issues before they become a problem, and software updates are taken care of without you needing to do anything.

You can also rest assured that you are in the hands of our experienced team, who are happy to answer any questions you may have. By keeping up to date in their respective fields, our dedicated team is just an email or call away to ensure your site has the latest updates ready to go, as soon as they’re available. We handle the technical side, so that you can focus on moving your business forward.

Support That Works For You 

We work with our clients to support them with maintenance plans that work for them, based on their needs and their site, rather than a standard agreement. Looking for ad-hoc support for your website? Not a problem. Would you feel better knowing that you have a set number of hours banked? We can do that too, with a monthly agreement. You are at the centre of your site and the help we can provide.

Want to find out more about how we can support you? Why not ask us what our current average response time is - you’ll be amazed!

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Common Questions

Our plans are built around our clients, meaning that they can be tailored to suit you and your requirements. Our most common plans are ad-hoc, meaning they are time based. For this, we use monthly time sheets to be completely transparent on what we’ve been working on. Alternatively, we also offer fixed-fee website support services, such as having a certain number of hours reserved each month.

This is dependent on the platform you use and the updates they recommend. For example WordPress (a popular platform) releases regular updates which need to be applied on a regular basis for security reasons, while other content management systems only release updates periodically. This is something that you can discuss with us, so that we can set your expectations for the chosen CMS.

We pride ourselves on being relentlessly responsive as part of our company values, and as part of that we track our response times regularly. We aim to respond to email queries within one hour during working hours, and currently have an average response time of 36 minutes.

We are all about being upfront and honest with our clients, as well as being obsessed with their success. As part of this we are relentlessly responsive, getting back to you in 36 minutes on average during the working day. We’re also proud of the fact that we’re proactively ambitious in our approach. Everything from tools to detect hardware issues on our servers before they happen, all the way through to pinging our websites every 10 minutes to checking they’re live.

We’re also brutally transparent — not many agencies will release their timesheets to clients, but we do — because we’re built on respect, trust and excellent customer service.

That depends on how involved you want to be in the upkeep of your website. All sites will need updates over time, some more than others, depending on your technology stack / CMS. Whoever is keeping your website maintained should have a working knowledge of the platform, and understand what the updates do and why they are important. This is why many people seek maintenance support — so they know that all of this is taken care of, and their website isn’t at risk due to a lack of updates.

Website maintenance means scheduling time to work on website upgrades or CMS/plugins updates. If website maintenance isn’t undertaken, it can lead to issues on the website — from areas not working properly to security issues that could lead to a breach, and many other issues — not something you want to explain to your customers.

Keeping your website well maintained is a bit like making sure you get your car serviced. If you had a nice shiny car, you’d regularly keep on top of maintenance — your website should be the same. Keeping your CMS and content up to date will make sure that you are staying on top of much needed maintenance. 

Another benefit, and one that your customers will appreciate, is keeping your security patches up to date, meaning your site is safer against any potential security threats. Furthermore, keeping your site fresh, and always looking for ways to optimise it further, prevents it from going stale and needing a major overhaul every few years.

So that we can be transparent about how we use our time, all of our team use Harvest to track their time so that we can provide accurate and transparent information to our clients.

Yes, we think so at least, but everyone uses different terminology. For us, support means that we help with the day-to-day, answering questions and queries from our clients to help them with their site. Maintenance, on the other hand, means we schedule work on the website for upgrades or CMS/plugins updates. Regardless of if you have a WordPress website or you are looking for comprehensive eCommerce website maintenance services, we can help.

This depends on the website and the requirements — however, we can sit down and discuss a plan that suits your needs. Let’s talk

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