CMS version 5.2.0.

Version 5.2.0 of WebBox CMS was released on 28th September 2018 with the following changes:

Notable features

  • Added auto-complete functionality to forms taking in information about the user.
  • Contact forms now have their own lists for to/CC/BCC.
  • Front end now loads all style sheets and JavaScripts either in-line or asynchronously to improve performance and page speed scores.
  • Sites can now choose their theme colour for Android (and other compatible) browsers.
  • Users can now authenticate with API tokens for semi/fully native app projects.


  • Array/list based textarea inputs not always trimming line endings properly.
  • Core command: Added helper functions to get a collection of administrators, an email string for administrators, and SwiftMailer compatible email collection of administrators.
  • Core controller: `requirePermission()` can now be used to check if the user has a role. (E.g. "ROLE_EDITOR" instead of "".)
  • Core form type: CkEditor fields can now be bootstrapped in groups.
  • Core view:
    • Sent front end exceptions to a front bundle template.
    • Updated the exception templates slightly for compatibility.
  • Front end libraries:
    • Adding HTML entities JS.
    • Updated colorbox to 1.6.4.
    • Updated colorpicker to 1.2.17.
    • Updated Modernizr to 3.6.0.

Admin (CMS)

  • Added cron job section for top administrators to see a list of managed cron jobs, with the option to enable/disable them.
  • Contact forms now have their own lists for to/CC/BCC.
  • Corrected 3 jQuery events.
  • Data types: Added colour field type.
  • Fixed browser requirements sort order not really doing what it should have.
  • Layout: Added some missing JS.
  • Login bans/logs: Improved UI slightly when purging.
  • New maintenance section to run particular tasks we'd only have been able to do from a shell.
  • Shared JS:
    • Fixed missing ';' after `window._escapeHtml()`.
    • Utility function `_updateCkEditors()` to update all textarea elements for CKEditors. (Useful for a pre-AJAX submit.)
  • Site form re-arranged a bit. (Contact info in its own tab.)


  • Layout:
    • Added some missing JS.
    • Site setting "theme-colour", if defined, will be used for the meta tag to specify the Android browser bar colour.
  • File store entity trait: Fixed an unexpected exception with `getFileStoreObject()` when the property hasn't had anything uploaded.
  • New "IP" library for IP address and related functionality.
  • Shared JS: Utility function `_updateCkEditors()` to update all textarea elements for CKEditors. (Useful for a pre-AJAX submit.)
  • Style:
    • Moved login/social styles to the account view.
    • Remove padding from fluid containers immediately within the "main content col".
    • Tables: Filter row tweaks.
    • Tables: Contextual classes, and sortable.
  • Templates:
    • Changed how all front end templates start up their scripts, so they can work with asynchronously loaded jQuery.
    • Load all JavaScripts asynchronously.
    • Load all styles in-line.


  • CMS: Fixed deleting a banner image not properly removing it from the form.


  • Client bundle should have a misc module views folder.


  • Adding some HTML auto-complete attributes.
  • CMS: List of payment/shipping methods now uses the nicer looking icon.
  • CMS: Order invoice tweaks.


  • Contact messages:
    • Added company field. -- CMS filterable.
    • Added site filter in CMS.
  • Mail parser library:
    • Added clean up function, called by `parse()`, to forget properties that may leak into subsequent parse calls.
    • Added constants for formatting dates/times individually.


  • Selection widget: Compatibility fix for when no route name/parameters are available, usually due to a page error.


  • Colour picker: Updated widget/JS macros to be a little more compatible.
  • Fixes to colorbox iframe duplications.
  • Image chooser widget: String check tweaks.
  • Media manager:
    • Fixed the rearrangement cufuffle in the root folder when re-sorting is done.
    • Trim efficiencies.
  • Rich editor:
    • Updates for Symfony 3 form naming.
    • Fixed cancel button not closing the colorbox container.


  • Contact page: Added company field to form.


  • Adding some HTML auto-complete attributes.
  • Auth listener: Removed IP address functionality, call from IP library instead.
  • Group:
    • Much overdue tidying up.
    • New helper function `getEmailString()` to get a string of all RFC formatted emails of members.
    • New helper function `getMailerAddress()` to get a collection of SwiftMailer compatible emails of members.
  • Login form style tweaks.
  • User: Fixed incorrect default file path. (Was pointing at "page" instead of "user".)