Turtledove London.

4446 %

return on ad spend (ROAS)


unique transactions


Turtledove London is a unisex, organic clothing brand producing comfortable and stylish garments for children aged up to five years.

In 2017 for the May bank holiday, Turtledove London launched a '40% off all clothing' sale, which they wanted to advertise on Facebook over five days in order to drive sales.


Our first step was to complete an audit of the existing website, outlining areas which could be removed, added or enhanced.

As part of this process, we also created a sitemap, obtained associated brand assets and designed a number of bespoke mobile-friendly layouts. 

We then had to decide who to target with the adverts. We defined remarketing lists, targeting people who had previously viewed Turtledove London’s products on their website or had bought their products before.

Following the theory that 80% of your sales come from just 20% of your customer base, we advised that remarketing audiences would be much more receptive to adverts than first-time viewers.

Creating these lists left us with a large, targeted, audience so we narrowed the lists down further to consist of mothers aged 24-40 who liked to shop online, with children aged 0-5 years. This left us with an audience of 6,800 people.

We then had to design the adverts to highlight all product ranges, so we decided to run two different adverts side by side — a Flipagram and carousel advert — to see which type of content performed best. 

Installing the Facebook Tracking Pixel on Turtledove London’s website allowed us to track key information such as items added to baskets, the number of purchases and the average purchase value.


As a result of the targeted audience and engaging adverts, the campaign went spectacularly well, generating:

  • Return on ad spends (ROAS) of 4446%
  • 194 unique transactions.

What’s more, all of the KPIs that we were tasked to meet were exceeded.

Facebook’s unique advertising platform doesn’t work for everyone, but this case study shows how spending time narrowing down your target audiences and creating engaging adverts can deliver excellent results.