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Bespoke Development Approach for Your Web Application

Our preference towards bespoke development processes has meant the WebBox team has gained vast experience in developing a wide array of web based systems over the years. From first to market platforms to intranets for internal organisational management. We have the in-house skillset to plan, wireframe, design and develop any system you could need. The main limitation to the scope of these projects is timescale, budget, and the technologies available.

If you are not completely sure what a web application is, put simply, it is software that runs on a web server, rather than on a computer – meaning that it is accessible through a web browser with an internet connection. To put this into context, Microsoft Word is a piece of software, whereas Office 365 or Google Docs is a web application.

You can also look as a web application as a website with different design and funcionality. A more traditional website may have the primary objective of providing customers with information on a product or service and allowing them to make a purchase or submit an enquiry. A web application can be built with the same technology but it will be designed in a way that allows more interaction and engagement from the users. For example, it may require a login to be accessed, offer the opportunity to submit and record data, and manage processes or member information.

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