Springer Healthcare.

141 %

increase in completed registrations

62 %

decrease in bounce rate

38 %

increase in session duration


Springer Healthcare, a leading medical communications and education provider, wanted a PPC strategy which would generate more registrations to their website for the most up to date clinical information across the areas of oncology, rheumatology and diabetes.

The target audience was very specific as we needed to target prescribers in the UK and USA who would be interested in the most relevant and up-to-date clinical information, as opposed to people who are self-medicating or doing research for their own medical needs. 


We recommended advertising through Google Search, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Targeting people in a specific profession comes with its challenges through Google Search, yet through advanced targeting methods, we have been able to create a campaign that filters out irrelevant traffic.
We saw the cost per conversion through Google higher than other channels and found it much more efficient to target people based on their interest, job titles or industry through LinkedIn or Facebook. 
We devised an overarching strategy of targeting a specific audience with one ad to generate more traffic to the websites, then using retargeting to re-engage with this warmer audience and encouraging them to register.
We then introduced lookalike audiences based on the people who had converted to expand the reach of the campaigns.


  • 141% increase in completed registrations
  • 62% decrease in bounce rate
  • 38% increase in session duration.