Sean Giles

Growth Director


What Sean does at WebBox?

You’ll see Sean working on many different parts of the business! Want to discuss how we can help you with a new project? Sean is your man! From writing detailed proposals and getting quotes to clients we want the pleasure of working with. He also works on our blog, webinar and social media as well as carrying out our Digital Audits. He’s a busy, busy man!


What do you like to get up to outside of work?

My main passions outside of work are family, food, films, travel and music! We love to keep busy with the kids whether that’s going for a walk to getting away for a weekend and trying new food and learning about new cultures. I particularly love Italy. 

I also love music and film, I’m always available to give a recommendation about what to see at the cinema due to my frequent trips! 

What's the best thing about working at WebBox?

Working with a great, talented group team. The continuous learning process. Meeting new people and helping to solve their challenges and needs!

You can only listen to one artist or band for the rest of your life. Who is it?

Arctic Monkeys

What's something we might not know about you?

I mentioned I love Italy but I can also speak basic Italian and have a 1983 Vespa scooter that needs some serious fixing up! 

And most importantly, for agency life, how do you take your tea/coffee?

Simple. Strong with a drop of milk! 


Get in touch to talk about your project

01Good fit?

We like to meet and get to know you. We find it helps to see whether we are a good fit.

02Your brief

Great news if you’ve already got a brief - we’d love to see it. If not, let’s chat as we can help with that.

03The process

There’s no cookie-cutter model here. Ask us how we adapt the process to each project.