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The Science Behind (TSB) supports early phase clinical trials with specialist neuroscience, neurology and psychology expertise and technology.

They work as part of their clients’ clinical trial team, while adhering to Good Clinical Practice guidelines, to support early phase clinical trials with a unique service offering. After originally designing their website in 2019, we worked with TSB to redesign their website in 2024.

The Science Behind website mocktop

The Challenge

Continuing our long term partnership with The Science Behind, we were tasked with redesigning their website after we had originally created their website 5 years prior. Over this time, the industry has changed and the proposition of TSB has evolved, therefore, we recognised the necessity of gaining a deep understanding of the business and market dynamics. Our objective was to distill their complex service offerings into a format that any user could readily understand and engage with.

The Science Behind wanted to make a noise and break away from the generic ‘stock imagery’ and ‘beige’ aesthetics that is littered in the industry. This posed an exciting creative challenge as we sought innovative ways to differentiate them from competitors and establish a unique visual identity. By going the extra mile, we aimed to create a website design and experience that not only captivated users but also set The Science Behind apart as a leader in their field, challenging industry norms and redefining expectations.

The Science Behind website mocktop
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The Science Behind website mockup

The Solution

In addressing the needs of The Science Behind (TSB), the website was based on leveraging WordPress as the CMS platform, chosen for its flexibility and scalability. To empower TSB with unparalleled control over their content, we adopted a modular approach, utilising block-based design that enabled them to effortlessly create and customise page layouts internally, eliminating the dependency on developers for crafting content and landing pages. Aligning closely with their branding guidelines, our design strategy focused on setting TSB apart from the homogenous design of the industry.

During the development phase, page speed optimisation was a primary consideration, prioritising swift loading times to enhance search engine ranking and to create a seamless user experience. By taking this approach, we have delivered a website that not only provides TSB with a stand-out website, but also positioned them for sustained growth and success in the sector.

What’s next

We continue to support TSB via one of our website support plans as they continually develop the website based on user-feedback, trends, and data.

The website undergoes regular updates, introducing new features aimed at enhancing the platform’s functionality and user experience. Stay tuned for these updates!

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