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CollegesWales is the voice of further education in Wales.

CollegesWales believes that every learner deserves world-class education provided in a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment, and that the educational sector should support the broader community, employers, and the economy. CollegesWales is an educational charity dedicated to enhancing the benefits of further education in Wales, and it was time for their website to reflect that.

Logo with the text "ColegauCymru CollegesWales" next to a circular icon with three arcs on the left side.
A laptop with a website displayed on the screen, showcasing various articles, images, and a navigation menu with purple elements.
A smartphone displaying a job advertisement on its screen seeking a Policy Officer with a closing date of 26 May 2024. The ad includes an image of three people in discussion and text about the organization’s vision.

The Challenge

Since the previous website redevelopment in 2017, CollegesWales (ColegauCymru) faced persistent issues with their bespoke CMS. The system, a complex blend of custom PHP and hardcoded elements, made daily content uploads both complicated and time-consuming. Simple site modifications required constant assistance from their previous agency, leading to escalating costs and delays.

Additionally, the existing website layout lacked compatibility across various devices, which led to a poor user experience for mobile and tablet users. The ticketing system was equally problematic, proving to be cumbersome and inefficient. These challenges collectively hindered CollegesWales’ ability to effectively manage and update the website, necessitating an innovative solution to streamline operations and enhance usability.

A smartphone displaying a web page with various images and text under the heading "Our Work." The phone is tilted slightly and placed against a plain, light background.
Two soccer players sit on grass with a soccer ball between them, one wearing black and the other grey, against a sunset backdrop.
A laptop displaying a website with text and images. The screen shows a form and a section with a photo on the right. The laptop is open and positioned at an angle.

The Solution

To address the challenges CollegesWales faced, we designed a bespoke website UI and UX that adhered to their branding guidelines, while also streamlining content management and cross-device usability. The selected content management system (CMS) replaced the complicated and restrictive CMS with an intuitive, user-friendly content management system, simplifying daily content uploads and updates. This eliminated the need for constant reliance on external agencies, reducing costs and delays.

We also created a multi-site architecture, which provided separate sub-domains for the International and Sports sections of the organisation. These sub-sites maintained a consistent layout for a cohesive user experience but utilised different colour schemes to help users easily identify their location within the website. Additionally, the website was designed to be fully responsive, ensuring compatibility across all devices. To comply with the Welsh Language Standards, the site was developed to be fully multilingual, providing seamless navigation in both English and Welsh. This bespoke approach ensured that CollegesWales could efficiently manage their online presence while delivering an inclusive and accessible experience for all users.

What’s next

We continue to support CollegesWales via one of our website support plans as they continually develop the website based on user-feedback, trends, and data.

The website undergoes regular updates, introducing new features aimed at enhancing the website’s functionality and user experience. Stay tuned for these updates!

Colleagues discussing work

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