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Welcome to a special celebration as we celebrate a remarkable milestone of 15 years of WebBox. It’s time to kickback, reminisce, and raise a toast to the incredible journey that brought us here. It’s an honour to take a moment and reflect on what we’ve achieved, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the invaluable lessons we’ve learned along the way. So buckle up as we take you on a ride through time, exploring our greatest hits, our plot twists, and those “aha!” moments that shaped WebBox as you see it today.

With a sense of nostalgia and a heap of gratitude, we invite you to join us in this reflective celebration.

Milestones: Paving the Path to Success 

2008 – 2013: Starting Out to Pioneering Projects with Public Sector & FTSE100 Organisations

Our journey began with the ambitious goal of wanting to grow a digital agency that really listened and put exceptional service at the heart of its offering. During the early years, we picked up our first public sector project for the NHS and other FTSE100 Organisations. This period laid the foundation for the expertise and the trust we would build over the years.

2014 – Expanding Our Services to Include Performance Marketing

In 2014, we embraced change by expanding our services to include Performance Marketing. This strategic move not only broadened our offerings but also allowed us to better serve our clients’ evolving needs.

2015: The Creation of WebBox CMS

One of our proudest achievements was the creation of WebBox CMS in 2015. We weren’t satisfied with the off-the-shelf CMS solutions that were hackable and not flexible enough – so we decided to create our own. Built using the PHP framework, Symfony, our proprietary CMS is now used by the NHS, Airbus, FTSE100 firm DS Smith, and many more.

2019: Setting Up Headquarters in Cardiff 

With growth came the need for a strong base. In 2019, we established our headquarters in the Welsh Capital, Cardiff, solidifying our presence and enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients both near and far.

Challenges:  Navigating The Roadblocks with Resilience

2017 – Evolving Our Brand 

After 9 years of grafting and growing, it was time to review and evolve our brand to ensure our brand represented who we are and what we do. We embarked on a rebranding journey with a new logo and a refreshed brand identity.

2020 – A Year To Remember

2020 is a year that we’re all going to remember. This was the first time that our team had worked remotely and we had to make changes to our IT infrastructure to accommodate this quickly. We were put to the ultimate test during the unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 lockdown as we had to replace the banter around the water cooler in the office with the dreaded online quizzes and gin masterclasses (remember those!). We also had to consider how we approached sales and account management as face-to-face opportunities went out the window.

Lessons: Nuggets of Wisdom We Hold Dear

Change: As we look back, we are reminded that change is not inevitable, it’s essential. Our ability to adapt, reevaluate, and embrace change has been a driving force behind our sustained success.

Measure: We can’t improve if we don’t know our current state of play, we can’t invest if we don’t know our numbers, we can’t offer a better service if we can;t quantify the existing service level, and so on. Over time, we’ve come to understand that progress cannot be achieved without proper measurement. Whether it’s understanding our current standing, making informed investments, or enhancing our services, measurement is the compass guiding us forward.

Focus: We’ve learned that while versatility is an asset, we can’t be ‘all things to all men’. Our new proposition which we’re excited to unveil, is a result of this realisation. By honing in on our strengths, we have narrowed our focus over time and we’re better equipped to deliver exceptional results to our clients. Stay tuned for more exciting information on this soon…

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, our team members, and each and every one of you who have been an integral part of our journey. The milestones we’ve achieved, the challenges we’ve overcome and the lessons we’ve embraced have shaped us into who we are today. Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to the past, the present, and the exciting future ahead!

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