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Craig Barlow |

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We want you to get to know our team a little better, after all, they’re the ones keeping us going. First up we sat down with Craig to chat about his job as a Front End Developer, what it’s like to work at WebBox and his day-to-day.

Tells us a little bit about yourself – who are you and what do you do at WebBox

I’m Craig and I’m a Front End Web Developer, it’s my job to take beautiful designs and develop them into shiny new websites, bringing them to life.

What made you decide to become a web developer?

At university, I originally decided to study Computer Science. At the time a lot of the modules were relating to software development, architecture, methodologies. One of the modules, however, focused on web development and I found the visual side to be more appealing to me, it was at this point I decided to switch my focus to web development.

How do you start your day?

When I’m in the office I’ll head straight into the kitchen and grab some coffee (the stronger the better) and breakfast. Then I’ll catch up with the team about what’s coming up and get started with emails, reply to any support queries and get set up for the day ahead.

What’s your day-to-day like as a web developer?

The first thing I look at is support queries, then tasks for the day to plan the order of projects I’ll work on. Part of this also involves a stand up with other developers to see what everyone is up to, where we’re at with certain projects and if anything has changed that we need to be aware of. Usually, I’ll be at a certain point of a large project, as it obviously takes more than a day. This will include taking the creative direction from the design team and going through a design template by template, starting with the home page and working my way through building each web page until completion. I’ll also grab a few games of table tennis during lunch.

Best part of your job?

There’s no better feeling than seeing a project you’ve worked ongoing live and being able to see people visiting and using the site for its intended purpose. You know that your hard work has paid off and you can see something you’ve worked on come to life in front of you, it’s a pretty cool feeling.

Tell us something cool about web development that we might not know

It takes 0.5 seconds for a person to form an opinion on a website – which means that it needs to look great and be easy to use as soon as someone lands on it!

What makes working at WebBox unique?

The atmosphere of the office, I know a lot of people will say that but it’s a lot of fun, people get on and we all like a game of table tennis or table football.

What’s one project that you’re really proud of

Currently, I’m working on Winning With Numbers – that’ll be a good one. It’s a new way to teach multiplication in schools for children. Previously though, I’d say St John Ambulance, because of who they are and what they do to help people. It was a good website to work on, a nice design.

If someone was looking to get into web development what would you tell them?

Google and Stack Overflow are your friends – use the tools and resources available to you, you’re not expected to know everything.

What are three words that come to mind when you think about your job?

Interesting, entertaining, fast-paced (technically two words but it’s true).

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