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The image shows the EA Sports and FC24 logos on a black background. The EA Sports logo is in a white circle, and the FC24 logo is in a white, angular shape.

Do you play FIFA?

For nearly 30 years, millions of people around the world have asked this question whenever someone mentions gaming. However, that question will have to be rephrased later this year as Electronic Arts (EA), the developer behind one of gaming’s most successful franchises, moves on to its new football game, EA Sports FC.

Negotiations over renewing the contract that allowed EA Sports to use FIFA’s name for its annual football video game lasted for at least two years before breaking up. EA Sports was FIFA’s largest commercial partner prior to their split and has been one of the longest and most profitable partnerships in sports.

In this blog we will delve into the world of EA Sports and their rebranding journey. We’ll learn how design played a pivotal role in their transformation and the strategic decisions that led to their rebranding.

With their split from FIFA, EA Sports unveiled a new identity, EA Sports FC. Created in collaboration with Uncommon Creative Studio this new look aims to unify gaming and football culture in new and innovative ways.

In preparation for the release of the first EA Sports FC game coming September 29th, EA has been marketing the new brand through the various channels at its disposal, including football clubs all over the world. In their own words, EA’s goal was to make a “platform to create, innovate and grow new football experiences, connecting hundreds of millions of fans through console, mobile, online and esports products”.

After EA split from their long-term partnership with FIFA, they lost one of the most recognisable names in gaming. Since 1994 players have known FIFA as one of the most beloved football gaming franchises in the world, so in 2022 they were left with some pretty big football boots to fill…*cough cough*

The first hurdle EA wanted to address was that things will change, but also, that a lot of aspects that fans love about the franchise won’t. EA and Uncommon looked to create a brand that would unite what they call “the world’s biggest football club”, bringing together millions of fans, more than 19,000 footballers, 700 teams and 30 leagues.

Taking inspiration from the triangle above the player’s head in the FIFA games, as well as its presence in real-world football through passing patterns and set plays, Uncommon has created a brand for all fans, using the player indicator synonymous with the games.

“From passing techniques to set plays, the [triangle] shape has also been woven into the DNA of EA Sports football experiences for decades,” Writes EA. “From the isometric angles of our very first 8-bit experiences and the triangular polygons that make up every pixel of our most modern games, as well as the iconic player indicator symbol that appears above every athlete in every match.”

To launch this new identity, EA and Uncommon collaborated on a marketing campaign that created football apparel in club colours sporting the EA Sports FC branding, as well as a website that explains the process behind their new identity, showcasing the motion graphics, logo concepts and the two new bespoke typefaces created for them.

We’re especially keen on the colour pallet, created to represent different aspects of the game, such as the field, football boots, and the ball. In doing so they have created a palette that is linked to the game of football itself rather than a specific club, enforcing their goal to be a brand for all fans.

The website is a fantastic amalgamation of everything they created displayed in a wonderfully designed site, utilising every aspect of the brand to show off its potential. EA and Uncommon have created a brand with foundations that look to last for years to come. Standing at the top of both sports and gaming brand design, and with the first game utilising the new branding out on 29 September, all that’s left is for EA to deliver the product they’re promising with this bold re-launch of a well-loved gaming franchise.

EA Sports has rebranded itself as EA Sports FC, breaking away from its iconic FIFA partnership. The brand, in collaboration with Uncommon Creative Studio, seamlessly combines gaming and football culture. The iconic triangle takes centre stage, symbolising a bridge between virtual and real-world football experiences while retaining the cherished essence while embracing change. It is evident that with EA Sports FC, we should expect more user-centric interaction between the digital game and football in the real world going forward. The carefully curated colour palette transcends club loyalty, uniting fans across the globe. As the September 29th release date of EA Sports FC approaches, excitement grows for a new era in gaming, where the love of football and pixels converge. So will the question now be “Are you playing FC?”

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