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There’s no doubt that Facebook Ads are essential to a modern marketing strategy, but what can you do to ensure that your strategy is the absolute best it can be, giving you better and faster results? We’ve put together our top tips on how you can make sure that your ads stand out, make an impact and, more importantly, get those clicks to turn into customers!

Start with who’s who

The most important part of getting your Facebook Ads right is knowing who your target audience is. Take time to work out who your ideal client is – are they male or female, where are they looking, what are their pain points? Create a profile and use this as the basis for your ads so that they appear more specific and speak to the right people.

Be thumb-stopping

Did you know that Facebook ads can potentially reach 1.9 million users? Of course, there are many variables to this, but what makes people pay attention to your ad over millions of others? You have to ensure that your ad makes people stop and take action over others. You have around 3 seconds to capture their attention – so many sure you’re talking to your ideal client. Short, sharp, and to the point.

Know the value of a new customer

What does a new customer add to your business in terms of the finer details? Upfront, £1,500 in ad spend may seem quite a lot; however, look at it in the grand scheme of things. If you have ten sales from your ads for a £500 a month package and they are a customer for a year- that’s £60,000 coming in. Suddenly, £1,500 doesn’t look too bad, does it? Crunch the numbers and see what impact it can have on your business. That said, be realistic and know that it can take time and a lot of tweaking to get the desired result.

Consider the aims of your campaign

What do you want your campaign to do? Would you like to raise awareness, consideration, or increase sales? Paid ads can be a great way to reach new people and give them a reason to follow, connect or call you. You may not see an immediate impact; however, once you’ve got that lead, there’s the opportunity to gain their trust and create a relationship which can then lead to sales. Don’t forget people buy from people.

Stepping Stones

While no one is denying that conversions are important, it’s good to remember that not every point in the journey will directly lead to a conversion – but, often, they will still play a part. For example, you might have a ‘top of the funnel’ campaign to create brand awareness or direct people to your website. While this might not get you a lead straight away, it plays a part in the bigger picture and works as a stepping stone to an eventual conversion.

Don’t forget – you need to track this process so that you can see which parts of the funnel are playing a part in conversions, meaning that going forward you can optimise the campaigns accordingly.

Install the Facebook Pixel

You can now add a tracking code to your website and any landing pages you are using for your campaign to monitor which ads are performing best and lead to the most sign-ups. The Facebook Pixel also makes it possible to build audiences based on website traffic when it is installed, giving you an even better chance at getting those conversions.

Test, test, test!

Testing is one of the most important parts of a Facebook Ad campaign. There are so many variables that can impact the performance of a campaign, the age of your ideal client, their location, the language used in the ad, the graphics or images that you use.

This is why it’s important to undertake A/B testing, creating two versions of the ad and seeing which performs better – through the complex analytics that you have available on each version – from this, you have a better understanding of what ads your target audience respond to and what encourages them to click. You can continue to test and tweak until you’re happy with the results.

We’ve wrapped up all of this content into a handy PDF for you to download and refer to. Don’t miss this opportunity to download our 7 Tips as a handy PDF.

Do you feel like you could do with some extra help setting up and running your Facebook Ads or want to chat through your strategy? Get in touch with our expert team and let us help you.

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