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A screenshot of a website analytics dashboard shows 223 total clicks, 17.6K total impressions, a 1.3% average click-through rate, and an average position of 25.2 over the last 6 months, reflecting the impact of applying 5 essential SEO copywriting tips for 2020.

Whether it’s ticking the boxes of Google’s latest (and ever-changing) search algorithm or creating content that attracts – and keeps –  the user’s attention, SEO website copywriting has never been so important says our Head of Content, Vicky.

SEO copywriting is a game where the rules are constantly changing. But even though Google loves making tweaks and changes that impact the content you produce, the good news is that the fundamental rules for SEO copywriting success are here to stay.

If your website content is out of date — or you’re churning out content for content’s sake – then stop right now! Here are five tips you need to know to optimise your website content in 2020.

Understand keyword intent

Getting to grips with — and matching — keyword intent is fundamental to your website’s SEO success. It’s the reason people search for certain keywords you’re targeting in your content — and since Google’s aim is to deliver search results that match what users are looking for, you’ll be rewarded for producing search results that are in line with keyword intent. To stay on top of keyword intent, keep your content:

• Informational
• Navigational
• Transactional (Commercial).

Focus on your headline

It’s perhaps one of the most important parts of your content — but it’s also an area where many brands fall short. You could create the most excellent piece of content, but if your headline fails to hit the mark then nobody will click to read it. Spending some time to work on your headline may seem like hard work, but nailing the right title (think bold, authoritative, click-worthy and relevant) can help you skyrocket your organic CTR (click-through rate) and page views. As a high CTR means a better organic ranking, which in turn entices a greater volume of clicks, headline copywriting is worth the extra effort.

Put your target audience first

Understanding — and prioritising — what your target audience needs are vital for both SERPs and lead-generation success. Putting your audience’s informational needs above any sales messages is one of the most effective ways to extend your outreach, optimise engagement, gain loyalty and ultimately enhance your leads and conversions. Getting to know what your audience wants — and creating targeted content that offers guidance, help, information, or entertainment without a catch – can earn you some serious kudos with both Google and your target market. Click here to find out how a personalising the UX is key for brand success in 2020.

Speak your audience’s language

With so much content being served to your audiences on a daily basis, it’s never been more important to create copy that speaks their language.  Sure, you can pay for tools to discover what content you should write to attract more users to your site, but how you sound is equally as important. It’s your brand’s tone of voice — and how you convey your brand messages in a way that resonates with your audience has never been more important – for the end-user and for your SEO. Speaking their language — and incorporating phrases and keywords that they would use — will help you get closer to your audience, build loyalty, gain trust and, ultimately, convert more leads. Click here to find out more about finding your tone of voice.

Get straight to the point

It’s tempting to ramble on about a certain topic or news item, but if you want your website content to work harder for you, then keep it concise. Users are served a constant stream of content on a daily basis, so making sure you get straight to the point (and addressing the reason why a user has clicked on your page) has never been more important — for both the user and for Google. Targeting your keyword (or keywords) early on in the copy won’t just keep your user’s attention but will also help prove to Google that your content is relevant — which, again, is fundamental to your SEO success.

If your website content needs a refresh, you know it could be ranking better organically with Google, or you need to rethink your SEO copywriting style, intent and targeting, click here to find out how we can help you apply hyper-targeted solutions to enhance your brand’s SEO in 2020.

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