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Tom Randall, Digital Marketing and Paid-Ads Specialist
Tom Randall / Wednesday, 15th July 2020

Using Paid Ads to Grow Your Brand in 2020

Many brands are still seeing paid ads as either an afterthought in their overall marketing strategy or using it more to push sales ads rather than pull potential customers to their brand. Or maybe you think that no-one clicks on the Ads as Brands are paying to be there and may not have 'earned' the right to be there. Well, it's time to think again as clicks on paid search listings beat organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent.

As part of the Wales Tech Week, Will Roberts — founder and Managing Director of WebBox — hosted a webinar to talk through some quick-fire tips, strategies and targeting methods to help grow your brand's presence in 2020 using paid ads.

We discussed various channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to consider the pros and cons of each platform and how they differ.

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below, along with a copy of the presentation used within the session.

Download presentation.

Following the session, Will answered some questions which were submitted throughout the webinar — one of these being “Please talk through a bit more on how to set up remarketing: e.g. Google remarketing or Facebook remarketing”. So we put together this simple guide on How to set up Facebook Remarketing to help you out with setting this up for yourself. Of course, if you need a hand, please feel free to get in touch.

Found this webinar interesting? Do you have any further questions? If so, please feel free to connect with Will through LinkedIn or contact us as we would be happy to help.

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