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Tom Randall / Monday, 23rd November 2020

Awesome Facebook ad campaign strategies for SMEs - Where to start?

Are you an SME looking to start running Facebook Ads? Have you been running Facebook Ads and not seeing the best results? Or perhaps you are seeing some return but haven’t really strategised your approach and you’re not sure if you're maximising your opportunities?

In this webinar, Rhodri talks through how to get started when it comes to researching your audience, setting up campaigns, ad sets and targeting options. 

He also runs through effective ad creatives and how you can use them to get more customers from this powerful social media platform. 


  • What, Why and How of Facebook
  • Getting Started
  • Strategies 
  • Questions

There are lots of helpful hints and tips to take away from this webinar and areas to help you get started without blowing your marketing budget. Rhodri looks at how to start small and keep things simple, to begin with. He also gives some advice on getting the best from your ad copy and creative. 

If you were unfortunate to miss out on the webinar, here is a copy of the slides and the recording is below. We hope you enjoy it! 

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