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Save Face is a UK-based membership organisation that provides a Government-approved accreditation for practitioners and clinicians offering non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. Save Face approached WebBox to redesign their website, with the goal of improving user experience, automating their internal workflow and making it easier for clients to find accredited practitioners and clinics in their area.

Our Approach

At WebBox, we take a thorough and structured approach to all our projects. Our approach to this project began with a discovery phase, where our team worked closely with Save Face to understand their goals and requirements for the new website and, in turn, recommended a secure and scalable Symfony-based CMS for the project. To address Save Face's challenges, our team proposed a redesign of their website, with a focus on user experience and ease of navigation. From there, we moved on to the design phase, creating high-fidelity page layouts while considering aspects such as branding, positioning tone, imagery, accessibility, user experience and call to actions. Once the design phase was signed off, our team of developers ensured that the website is developed in accordance with the scope, designs and project plans. This was followed by thorough internal testing across all major devices and browsers. The testing phase was crucial for taking into consideration any feedback received, and any potential bugs and making sure that the website is optimised for search engines and that the appropriate tracking has been implemented. Finally, once the extensive testing was completed, the website went live!



Our team delivered an industry-leading website that provided Save Face with a long-term, scalable solution. By leveraging a Symfony-based CMS and other leading technologies, we were able to create a bespoke design website built from scratch that is scalable and easily maintained by the Save Face team. The Practice/Practitioner Finder feature has been particularly well-received, with clients finding it easy to use and highly effective in finding accredited practitioners in their area. Another important feature of the website was the ability for clients to purchase a membership online, using Stripe or GoCardless as the payment gateway. Our team integrated Stripe and GoCardless seamlessly into the site, providing a secure and efficient checkout process for users. After a successful launch, our team provides regular support to Save Face to continually improve the website based on feedback and data. In addition to this, our Performance Marketing team are managing a PPC campaign across Google and Programmatic to promote the new website to the target demographic.

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The new Save Face website has only recently launched, so we’re monitoring it on a regular basis. Once the data has been collected and reviewed, we’ll update this section with the results!

We continue to support Save Face regularly and are in the middle of additional phases of work, so keep your eyes peeled for updates over the coming months. 

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