A digital campaign to get the British public out in their local beer garden needed a boost and PPC was the perfect solution.

Is there anything better in the summer months than a warm day, sipping an ice-cold drink in a beer garden?

Not really, which is why Fever-Tree, a producer of drink mixers, aimed to help Brits discover the best pub gardens. With just a postcode and an internet connection, visitors could look up their local pub that served Fever-Tree and get going using geo-targeting technology.



Identifying that paid ads would be the route to market, we started with phrases that people would search when looking to find that perfect spot, such as “pub garden near me”, to make sure they were quickly directed to and were easily able to find the nearest Fever-Tree pub garden. In this instance, Google Search and Display was the backbone of the campaign, whilst using a number of social channels too. 

Of course, we wanted to reach as many people as possible — because of this, we advised that to expand the campaign's reach, we needed to target a wider audience of mainly passive traffic, to make them aware of Fever-Tree pub gardens near them.

By using banner ads on contextual sites we were able to reach even more people, and we worked with Fever-Tree to design engaging and creative adverts with a clear call-to-action button to increase the click-through rate (CTR). 

But it wasn’t just about new customers; we wanted to ensure that people who had previously visited the Fever-Tree site have a reason to come back. This led to showing retargeting ads to people who had previously visited the Fever-Tree website. The message was deployed to make sure that when a user searched again for terms such as “pub garden near me,” our ads were in front of them.

Our expert team monitored the campaign daily, meaning they could optimise the campaign and provide better results week on week. After collecting and reviewing the data, we made a number of optimisations in order to maximise the campaign’s performance. For example, Mondays were generating the highest cost per conversion, so we excluded serving ads on these days to maximise the budget nearer to weekends. 

We also realised that parents cost more to convert than non-parents, so we excluded targeting these through display campaigns. Additionally, research showed that females make more pub searches at a lower cost per conversion when compared to males, so a negative bid adjustment was put on males to balance this.



In a short space of time, we were able to achieve: 

  • 6.5 million impressions
  • 43,431 clicks
  • 14,361 pub searches
  • Cost per conversion reduced by 54% since the start of the paid campaigns due to effective optimisation.

In the time that the paid campaigns were running, we also saw direct and organic traffic increase. Direct traffic increased by 132%, and organic traffic increased by 374%.

This highlights the positive effect paid traffic has on all other channels, as people subsequently tend to go back to the website directly or organically.

An excellent result for our client and a win for our team! 

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