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WebBox has just hosted a webinar on ‘How to write the ultimate website brief that your agency will love’. Here’s a quick overview of what we discussed and your opportunity to catch up using the recording, slide deck and WebBox’s template to help you write an awesome website brief.


So, you’re considering a new website, but you’re not sure how to write a brief to send out to agencies? Or, maybe you’re having trouble defining your requirements in order to receive quotes for your upcoming website project?

Founded in 2008, WebBox has seen our fair share of excellent briefs (and some not so good ones too!).

So, we hosted a webinar and created this website brief template to help you start this process. Assuming you complete all sections of the template with as much information as possible, we’re sure you will be able to add your name to our list of top website briefs that we have read!

Why write a website brief?

As per any other brief or request for proposal (RFP), the idea behind a written website brief is to define your requirements and ensure that suitable agencies fully understand those requirements.

In our experience, we have seen many clients omit this step, which has caused so many problems during the project. In some cases, this has seen them abandon the project altogether (prior to them contacting WebBox!).

This is why we’re big believers in writing a website brief, even if the detailed functional requirements have yet to be defined.

On the flip side, it also allows agencies like us to self-qualify themselves for the project. For example, if you need the project completed by a particular date, yet we’re unable to deliver the project by that date due to our current workload, then we can kindly decline to submit a proposal, thus not wasting your time in reviewing proposals from agencies that don’t meet your requirements.

Catch up

You can watch the recording below and download the slide deck here. Also, don’t forget to download WebBox’s template and guide to writing an awesome website brief here.

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Can we help?

Yes, of course! We love working with businesses and brands to help them further define and shape their requirements. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to discuss this further.

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