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WebBox has just hosted a webinar on ‘How to find the perfect Content Management System (CMS) that works for you’. Here’s a quick overview of what we discussed and your opportunity to access the recording, slide deck and WebBox’s CMS Guide below


The webinar covered;

  • The What, Why and Who
    • What is a CMS
    • Why use a CMS
    • Who should choose the CMS (that’s easier said than done!)
  • What to look for in a CMS
  • We talked through 10 aspects to consider when choosing a CMS
  • 3 common mistakes when choosing a CMS
    • Not considering your future requirements
    • Choosing a CMS without any collaboration with your agency or web developer
    • Choosing a CMS based on recommendation rather than taking a considered approach.

Your host

Founded in 2008, WebBox has used and reviewed our fair share of CMSs and has expertise in working with organisations to choose the perfect CMS which is right for them.

So, we hosted a webinar and created this CMS Guide to help you start this process.

Catch up

If you couldn’t watch the webinar live (we missed you!), we’re pleased that you can watch the recording below and view the slide deck here.

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