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Are you an SME looking to start running Google Ads? Have you been running Google Ads and not seeing the best results? Or perhaps you are seeing some return but haven’t really strategised your approach and you’re not sure if you’re maximising your opportunities?

If the answer is to yes to any of these questions then this webinar is definitely for you.

Head of WebBox, Rhodri Williams is going through how best to start and get the absolute most out of running Google ads campaigns for your business.

This webinar will help you understand the basics of setting up a Google Ads campaign and getting started with simple yet effective strategies.

Rhodri talks over how to start with researching your customer persona, keywords and competitors.

You’ll also learn the basic structure of setting up an account and what to think about when it comes to campaign set-up, ad groups, ad copy and landing pages.


The webinar covered;

  • What, Why and How of Google Ads
  • Getting Started
  • Research
  • Campaign Types
  • Setting a budget
  • Structure
  • Keywords
  • Quality Score
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Ad-Group Strategy
  • Ad Copy Strategy
  • Landing Pages
  • Retargeting

Catch up

If you couldn’t watch the webinar live (we missed you!), we’re pleased that you can watch the recording below and view the slide deck here.

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