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Are you thinking of starting a new website project? Or, are you about to send out a website brief to a number of agencies? If so, then it’s worth catching up on this webinar first!

As a marketer nowadays, there are so many aspects to keep abreast of and so many pressures that will absorb your attention day to day. Hence, preparing to start a website project might be rushed, key steps overlooked, or not started on the right track, which leads to potential problems further down the road. That’s where we come in. WebBox has extensive experience in helping marketers start a website project in the right way which we want to share with you during this live webinar.

In this webinar, Will, Founder & Managing Director of WebBox, shares 3 things to do before you start a website project which will help you start on the right track. The 3 points have been carefully selected after 13 years of experiencing the good, bad and ugly of website projects. These are;

  • Look in – requirements and internal agreement
  • Look around – writing a user-fixated brief
  • Look out – choosing the right agency to partner with

Catch up on this webinar below –

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And don’t forget to download our freebie! We’ve created a guide and template to help you write a website brief which you can download here (scroll across to “The Ultimate Website Brief Template”).

We hope you find this webinar and template informative as you plan your upcoming website project.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch with the team.

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