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A computer screen displays a digital marketing dashboard with metrics including total clicks (223), total impressions (17.6K), average click-through rate (CTR) (1.3%), and average position (25.2). Below the metrics, a graph with fluctuating lines is visible.

As e-commerce marketers, we all know that the vast majority of people aren’t going to convert on their first visit to your site. In fact, according to Native advertising platform Outbrain, across all industries, the average conversion rate hovers around 2-3%. In a nutshell, retargeting should be seen as critical to any online marketing strategy. Especially in e-commerce.

In this free 45 minute webinar, Rhodri and WebBox’s close friend Andrew Bruce will be going through 10 absolute must do’s that e-commerce brands should be adopting in order to get the most out of their programmatic and Facebook retargeting efforts.

During the webinar, Rhodri went through ways of using Google Analytics to help you determine the frequency of your ads as well as talking through ways of segmenting your audiences, evergreen and seasonal retargeting and being more creative with your ad copy.

Joining us on this Webinar was Andrew Bruce. Andrew has worked in the marketing industry for years, gaining experience in Yell, Sky and laterally at the internet giant Google. As a seasoned digital marketeer, he is passionate about helping companies achieve their marketing goals through measured paid media. In addition to supporting companies, he also helps other digital agencies to access 1st line programmatic technologies without the traditional barriers to entry.

Andrew spoke about the importance of telling a story, being specific with relevance and regency. He also went through different options that are now available through programmatic retargeting and how to build specific retargeting lists based on look-a-like audiences.

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If you have any further questions, please reach out to Rhodri on LinkedIn by connecting with him or contact us as we would be happy to help.

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