Meet Owen.

Server Admin

Owen Rudge

What Owen does at WebBox?

Owen is responsible for our server solutions, including the provision and maintenance of dedicated servers, the management of virtual machines, and liaising with our developers to keep everything running seamlessly. Owen became hooked on computers at an early age when he was given a vintage Amstrad PC with MS-DOS and GEM. From there he taught himself BASIC programming, HTML and web development along with system administration.

Running a popular online forum led to an interest in server management and before long he launched a small business selling web hosting while studying for a degree in Computer Science at St. Andrew’s University.


What are your hobbies?
I’m a keen traveller and estimate I’ve spent a full month of my life on aeroplanes, with many more destinations still on the wish list!

The best thing about working at WebBox?
The people.

Favourite band?
Sigur Rós.

Favourite TV programme?
At the moment, 'Parks and Recreation' – I have a bit of a backlog of shows to watch!

Tell us a little-known secret about yourself?
I have a not-so-secret desire of visiting Norway to see the aurora borealis.

‘Keep smiling and maybe you'll get something to smile about.’

Yoko Ono