Gastric Balloon Group.

94 %

increase in conversions

-6 %

cost per conversion

82 %

increase in clicks

104 %

increase in website sessions


The Gastric Balloon Group (GBG) is the UK’s only specialist gastric balloon provider. The company helps people who have struggled with their weight for years and is uniquely placed to help those struggling with a vicious circle of dieting failure to achieve lasting results.

We were tasked with taking over the management of an existing Google AdWords campaign in order to increase conversions.


We implemented a keyword management and monitoring strategy, analysing how much GBG were bidding on keywords compared to competitors, as well as the average price, in order to remain competitive and retain the advantage. This was monitored regularly and low scoring keywords discarded.

We also monitored the auction insights tool, which gave us a strategic overview of GBG’s position compared to competitors in their ad ranking. We monitored and adjusted the ad copy, developing multiple versions of the same ad and closely monitoring which did better in terms of impression and clicks, allowing us to choose the most advantageous ad.

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We are now generating more leads each month for the same cost per acquisition (CPA).
In July 2018 we saw:

  • 98% increase in conversions
  • 16% decrease in the CPA compared with July 2017.