Airlocum is an online platform that connects locum nurses to dental practice managers live and on-demand.


We built a robust and comprehensive system which has 2 clear audiences: dental nurses and dental practices.

For dental nurses, Airlocum provides the ability to set up their account manually or via Facebook and Google. On successfully registering the nurse is then presented with a dashboard which at a glance provides the opportunity to view their bookings, income and loyalty bonus accrued and key mandatory documents. Additionally, the system provides dental nurses with the flexibility to indicate which days they're available and to receive payments via Stripe for completed shifts.

For dental practices, Airlocum has a different dashboard which displays booking details, financial information, invoices, plus the ability to leave reviews for locum nurses they've hired.

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We continue to support and maintain the platform on a regular basis and as Airlocum grows we will be developing new features.