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A CMS Should Work for Your Team and Organisation. Not Against It.

Outdated CMS platforms can hold your website back. They often lack essential features, slow down your content updates, and hinder user experience. Frustratingly, this leads to missed opportunities, slower site performance, and an inability to keep up with online trends.

Alongside outdated CMS platforms are badly implemented CMS platforms. Like any tool, a CMS (think WordPress, Sulu, OpenCart) is only as good as the person or team implementing it. Think of it like a construction project. Although many construction companies will use the same tools and materials, they do not always achieve the same result. Some will be late, over budget and subpar, others will be delivered on time, to budget and of high quality. WebBox projects are the latter.

Can you relate to any of these problems?

  • Our CMS is lacking essential features leading to limited functionality
  • Our website has slow loading times
  • We are facing difficulty in integrating our CMS with other business systems.
  • Our ongoing maintenance costs are straining our budget
  • Our CMS lacks mobile responsiveness

Solutions to ineffective third-party system integration:

  • Host a CMS workshop to understand the best CMS for your business
  • Ensure your CMS has a user-friendly interface to make content management easier
  • Create a website and CMS that has mobile responsiveness at its core
  • Develop a modern CMS that meets compliance and accessibility standards for your users
  • Implement third-party system integrations to take away your headache of managing data in multiple locations

How can we help?

A good starting point is to arrange a call to understand your requirements further and explore how we can support your digital strategy.

Alternatively, if you’re wondering what you should be doing on your website to increase engagement and user satisfaction, why not make the most of our free digital audit?

We’re offering a free audit to organisations who need to get to the next level with a unique and tailored approach. Our team will take the time to give you feedback during a playback session to talk you through our suggestions and the impact they can have.

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