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The Wales Deaf Rugby Union is the official national club for deaf sportsmen and sportswomen in Wales.

WRU Deaf reached out to us, acknowledging the need to engage a sports specialist agency to elevate their brand ahead of the upcoming season. Find out how our creative teams collaborated to redefine WRU Deaf’s identity, reshaping perceptions and elevating their presence in the rugby community.

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The Challenge

Our initial assessment involved a comprehensive review of WRU Deaf’s existing branding assets, benchmarking them against industry competitors, and aligning them with the desired aspirations of the organisation. By delving deep into their current brand and understanding their vision for the future, we laid the groundwork for a refresh that would elevate WRU Deaf’s presence in the Welsh Rugby community and beyond.

Through collaborative dialogue and an iterative design process, we embarked on the mission to craft a brand that would resonate with audiences while encapsulating the essence of WRU Deaf’s values and aspirations.

The Solution

As part of the branding project, we defined clear guidelines to govern the usage of the newly crafted brand identity. These guidelines served as a roadmap for consistency and coherence across all touchpoints, ensuring that every interaction with the WRU Deaf brand would reflect its core values and messaging.

In addition to establishing brand guidelines, we started the process to redesign their creative assets to present a uniform look and feel. This involved an overhaul of key assets such as the Matchday Programme and Social Media graphics, where we applied the newly defined brand elements to create a cohesive visual identity. By infusing these assets with the essence of the reimagined brand, we aimed to enhance brand recognition, reinforce messaging, and foster a stronger connection with WRU Deaf’s target audience across various channels.

What’s next

Moving forward, our collaboration with the Welsh Deaf Rugby Union (WRU Deaf) extends beyond the initial branding project as we continue to provide ongoing support with graphic design work for new tournaments and seasons. Whether it’s designing promotional materials, updating match day assets, or creating engaging social media graphics, our team remains dedicated to ensuring that WRU Deaf’s brand identity remains consistent and dynamic, reflecting their evolving journey.

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