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Techniquest is a leading science and discovery centre based in Cardiff, Wales.

With a mission to engage and inspire people of all ages with the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), Techniquest offers a range of interactive exhibits, immersive experiences, and educational programmes. Since its establishment in 1986, Techniquest has been a pioneer in science communication, fostering curiosity and creativity while promoting scientific literacy and critical thinking skills among visitors. With its dynamic approach to STEM education and hands-on learning opportunities, Techniquest continues to be a hub for exploration and discovery, igniting a passion for science in communities across Wales and beyond.

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The Challenge

The requirements presented in the website brief for Techniquest’s Secondary Outreach programme encompassed several key objectives. Firstly, Techniquest required the creation of a stand-alone microsite accessible via a sub-domain that maintained a cohesive design aesthetic consistent with the main Techniquest website.

Furthermore, the incorporation of a content management system (CMS) was vital to empower Techniquest with the capability to keep the microsite up-to-date with relevant content and information. Additionally, the microsite needed to be multi-lingual to effectively serve content in both English and Welsh, reflecting Techniquest’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

The Solution

Ensuring a cohesive design aesthetic consistent with the main Techniquest website provided instant brand recognition while also establishing a distinct identity for the Secondary Outreach programme. Additionally, implementing a similar navigation structure between the main website and the microsite was essential to facilitate seamless browsing and navigation between the two websites, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

The inclusion of a content management system (CMS) allowed the in-house team at Techniquest to manage the website’s content throughout the course of the Programme. This necessitated the selection and implementation of a user-friendly CMS solution tailored to Techniquest’s specific needs and requirements.

Balancing these diverse objectives required strategic planning, meticulous execution, and innovative solutions to create a dynamic and engaging microsite that effectively promotes Techniquest’s Secondary Outreach programme while seamlessly integrating with the main website infrastructure.

What’s next

With the foundation of a stand-alone microsite in place, there is ample opportunity to further enhance and evolve the platform to better serve the needs of students, educators, and other key stakeholders.

Continued collaboration with Techniquest’s team will enable the implementation of new features, content updates, and interactive elements to enrich the user experience and drive engagement.

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WebBox takes even a relatively small contract as seriously as though it were for a blue-chip company — yet, as a client, you are treated with as much ease and friendliness as if you were part of their own company.

Mariam Kamish, Project Manager, Techniquest

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