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Save Face is a UK-based membership organisation that provides a Government-approved accreditation for practitioners and clinicians offering non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers.

Save Face approached WebBox to redesign their website, with the goal of improving user experience, automating their internal workflow, allowing clinicians to sign up online with a strict accreditation process, and making it easier for clients to find accredited practitioners and clinics in their area.

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The Challenge

Save Face found themselves with a website that didn’t reflect their position in the market, that was difficult to update and maintain, and left their case workers with a lot of manual tasks to complete throughout the application process.

Due to the fact that they only accept clinicians that adhere to strict regulations and best practices, the registration and accreditation process had become a particular area of focus, as it was clunky which resulted in a high drop-off rate.

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The Solution

Our team delivered an industry-leading website that provided Save Face with a long-term, scalable solution. By leveraging a Symfony-based CMS and other leading technologies, we were able to create a bespoke design website built from scratch that is scalable and easily maintained by the Save Face team.

The Clinic/Practitioner Finder feature has been particularly well-received, with clients finding it easy to use and highly effective in finding accredited practitioners in their area. Another important feature of the website was the ability for clinicians to register online, using Stripe (for annual payments) or GoCardless (for monthly payments) as the payment gateway. Our team integrated Stripe and GoCardless seamlessly into the site, providing a secure and efficient checkout process for users, while giving them the choice between paying annually or monthly.

The core element of the solution was the way in which clinicians can register to become an accredited practitioner and how they are taken through the accreditation process. This process follows the desired workflow, and covers both online (e.g. uploading insurance certificates) and offline (e.g. on-site inspections) measures. This workflow is strictly monitored to ensure that changes are approved before they are published on the public register.

What’s next

The new website has significantly improved Save Face’s online presence and accessibility, making it easier for users to find and connect with accredited practitioners and clinics. The website has also helped Save Face streamline their membership process, enabling clinicians to go through the accreditation process online with ease.

Overall, our approach to the Save Face website redesign was based on deeply understanding their needs and goals. By leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in web development, we delivered a powerful and effective website that has helped Save Face enhance their online presence and increase accessibility for their clients.

After a successful launch, our team provides regular support to Save Face to continually improve the website based on feedback and data. In addition to this, our Performance Marketing team are managing a PPC campaign across Google and Programmatic to promote the new website to the target demographic.

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