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For over two decades, Practice Solutions has been a trusted provider of consultancy services to the social care, health and public sectors across Wales.

Their expertise lies in facilitating sustainable and transformative change, empowering communities to thrive. Whether it’s leading comprehensive evaluations of services and products, implementing impactful improvement initiatives, or ensuring meaningful engagement with stakeholders, including staff and the public, their versatile team is dedicated to driving positive outcomes.

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The Challenge

Practice Solutions recognised the need to update their website as it had become out of date, cumbersome to update, and it didn’t reflect the business’ position in the market.

With a clear focus on supporting the improvement in social care, health and public services, Practice Solutions needed a website that reflected that, and their clear expertise in this area. Therefore, they sought our expertise within the Health sector to create their new website.

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Solution Provided

Leveraging WordPress, as the recommended platform for the project, we ensured a seamless user experience while granting Practice Solutions the flexibility to effortlessly update their website as needed. WordPress’s scalability provided a solid foundation for growth, aligning perfectly with Practice Solutions’ evolving needs.

Central to our redesign strategy was the focus of user experience. We created a navigation structure that accommodates the multi-layered nature of Practice Solutions’ services, ensuring that visitors can easily navigate through the wealth of information available on the website. By prioritising intuitive navigation, we aimed to enhance user engagement and drive enquiries.

Moreover, our redesign adhered closely to Practice Solutions’ brand guidelines, maintaining consistency across every aspect of the website. From colour schemes to typography choices, every design element was carefully curated to reinforce Practice Solutions’ identity and establish a cohesive online presence. By staying true to their brand, we aimed to foster trust and familiarity among visitors, strengthening Practice Solutions’ reputation as a trusted authority in their field.

Our collaboration with Practice Solutions resulted in a revitalised website that not only reflects their expertise but also enhances their ability to connect with their audience effectively. With WordPress as the foundation, combined with tailored user experience and strict adherence to brand guidelines, Practice Solutions now possesses a powerful online platform poised for success in the ever-evolving landscape of social care, health, and public services.

What’s next

We continue to support Practice Solutions via one of our website support plans as they continually develop the website based on user-feedback, trends, and data.

The website undergoes regular updates, introducing new features aimed at enhancing the platform’s functionality and user experience. Stay tuned for these updates!

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