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Home-Start Cymru is a charitable organisation dedicated to providing invaluable support for families throughout Wales.

At the heart of its mission lies a profound commitment to nurturing resilient communities by empowering parents and caregivers. Recognising the inherent challenges associated with raising a family, Home-Start Cymru endeavours to effect positive change through a diverse array of programs and services.

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Website Mockup
Website Mockup

The Challenge

The need to modernise and create a new bilingual web presence to support the charity’s growth and online objectives presented an exciting challenge for our team. Integrating Welsh and English seamlessly into one bilingual site required meticulous attention to detail to ensure linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity while maintaining a cohesive user experience across both language versions.

Furthermore, the merger of seven local Home-Start initiatives into one unified charity added another layer of complexity. Balancing the need to increase awareness and build the brand while streamlining content management across multiple websites demanded a comprehensive strategy to consolidate resources, streamline processes, and communicate the unified vision effectively to stakeholders and the wider community.

Additionally, the imperative to optimise the user experience and drive conversions posed a multifaceted challenge. From attracting donors and volunteers to engaging service users and fundraisers, the website needed to serve diverse audiences and facilitate meaningful interactions. This required careful consideration of user journeys, intuitive navigation, and persuasive calls-to-action to ensure that web traffic translates into tangible support and engagement for Home-Start Cymru’s vital work. Moreover, addressing the website’s performance issues, as highlighted by Google’s PageSpeed Insights, further underscored the need for robust optimisation strategies to enhance speed and responsiveness across desktop and mobile platforms, ultimately improving the overall user experience and bolstering online engagement.

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Mobile Mockup HomeStart

The Solution

With a clear brief and set of objectives, we set about working closely with internal stakeholders to lead them through the phases of the project, ensuring that we were aligned with their vision at every step of the journey. At the heart of this solution was the design and development of a bespoke website that not only reflects the organisation’s brand guidelines but also serves as a foundation to support the organisation’s growth and online objectives. By seamlessly integrating Welsh and English into one multi-lingual website, we successfully consolidated two separate websites into one unified platform, significantly reducing administration time for the internal marketing team and streamlining content management processes.

With a focus on user experience and engagement, the new website is crafted to drive volunteer applications and foster community involvement. Since its launch, we have tracked a notable increase in volunteer applications, underlining the effectiveness of the website in generating support and empowering individuals to make a difference in their communities. Furthermore, the website is responsive, quick to load, and accessible across various devices and screen sizes, ensuring a seamless and inclusive browsing experience for all users. In real terms, the old website scored 65% for desktop and 30% for mobile in Google’s PageSpeed tool. The new website scores 99% for desktop and 91% for mobile (at the time of writing this). This holistic approach to website development not only addresses the immediate challenges faced by Home-Start Cymru but also positions them for continued growth.

Following the successful launch of the new website for Home-Start Cymru, we implemented a targeted PPC campaign with the specific objective of driving volunteer applications for the charity. Leveraging strategic keyword research, audience targeting, and compelling ad creatives, we crafted an effective digital marketing strategy to reach and engage potential volunteers across relevant channels. Through regular campaign management and ongoing optimisation, we were able to generate significant traction and drive qualified traffic to the website, resulting in a notable increase in volunteer applications. By aligning our PPC efforts with the charity’s overarching goals, we not only amplified their online presence but also made a meaningful impact in gathering support to contribute to their vital cause.

What’s next

We continue to support Home-Start Cymru via one of our website support plans as they continually develop the website based on user-feedback, trends, and data.

The website undergoes regular updates, introducing new features aimed at enhancing the website’s functionality and user experience. Stay tuned for these updates!

We also continue to support Home-Start Cymru with ad-hoc PPC campaigns to support their Volunteer campaign, which aims to drive volunteer registrations for the charity.

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