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Since its inception in 2015, Gym-Stuff has been a leading provider of strength, fitness, physiotherapy, and mobility equipment.

Gym-Stuff offers a comprehensive range of products designed to cater to diverse fitness needs. Whether you’re seeking tools to alleviate muscle tension like lacrosse balls, equipment for body sculpting such as gymnastic rings, or versatile workout aids like resistance bands, Gym-Stuff stands ready to meet your requirements with excellence and expertise.

A row of colorful kettlebells arranged on a wooden platform with thick ropes in the background.
A person in athletic wear performs a yoga pose, lying on their back with legs elevated, supported by a wooden block.
A pink yoga mat with a yoga block, two red dumbbells, and a red cloth laid on it.

The Challenge

The Challenge for Gym-Stuff was multi-faceted: they needed to expand their customer base, increase product sales, and lower their acquisition costs. Despite being a well-established provider of fitness equipment, Gym-Stuff had not previously explored the realm of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Recognising the potential of this untapped marketing channel, Gym-Stuff approached WebBox to craft a strategy that would address their objectives effectively. With a clear mandate to leverage PPC to reach new audiences, boost sales figures, and optimise acquisition expenses, WebBox embarked on defining a tailored approach to meet Gym-Stuff’s goals head-on.

The Solution

Our strategy included the use of Google, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), YouTube, and Programmatic, ensuring maximum exposure and reach for Gym-Stuff’s products and brands.

To optimise campaign performance and drive tangible results, we implemented a rigorous split-testing approach. This involved experimenting with various ad copy, creatives, and video content to identify the most effective combinations that resonated with Gym-Stuff’s target audience. By continuously refining and iterating on these elements, we aimed to maximise engagement and conversion rates, ultimately boosting Gym-Stuff’s sales and revenue.

Our team of paid ad specialists continuously monitored and optimised the campaign, leveraging real-time data and insights to make data-driven optimisations. This proactive approach ensured that Gym-Stuff’s ads remained relevant, impactful, and cost-effective in a competitive digital landscape.

Furthermore, transparency and communication were paramount throughout the campaign. We provided Gym-Stuff with regular reports detailing key performance metrics, insights, and observations. These reports served as a foundation for productive discussions and collaborative decision-making, allowing us to align our efforts with Gym-Stuff’s overarching business objectives and adapt our strategy as needed.

The results

The impact of the PPC campaigns enabled the business to scale at a much faster rate than other channels would have allowed them to do. The campaign spanned many years, therefore regular optimisation allowed us to continually improve the results based on data. Some of the key achievements included:

  • Increasing Impressions by 136% (QoQ)
  • Increasing Clicks by 118% without increasing the budget (QoQ)
  • Increasing Conversions (purchases) by 128% (QoQ).
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