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As the only specialist gastric balloon provider, The Gastric Balloon Group (GBG) needed to ensure that they were being seen by those who would benefit from their services. They help those who have struggled with their weight for years and are uniquely positioned to help those struggling in a vicious cycle of dieting with limited success.

To ensure that their offering was seen by their target audience, we were tasked with the management of an existing Google Ads campaign in order to increase conversions.

The Challenge

Running a Google Ads campaign in restricted categories, such as medical surgery, presents several challenges.

Firstly, stringent advertising policies require careful adherence to regulations, often necessitating careful creation of ad copy and approval processes.

Secondly, the nature of surgical procedures demands precise targeting to reach relevant audiences while avoiding inappropriate or sensitive targeting.

Thirdly, the competitive landscape within restricted categories can drive up CPCs (cost per clicks), necessitating efficient budget allocation and strategic bidding strategies.

The Solution

Working alongside the GBG team, we were able to understand their ambitions and targets. To start with, we audited the existing campaigns in order to look for the low hanging fruit which would result in an immediate improvement. Following this, we deep-dived into the campaign structure, targeting, keywords, bidding strategies etc in order to further optimise the campaigns. This is now regularly monitored and optimised to get the best results for GBG, whilst also adding additional locations around the UK as the business continues to scale.

In addition, we monitored the auction insights tool, which gave us a strategic overview of GBG’s position compared to competitors in their ad ranking. This included reviewing, monitoring and adjusting the ad copy, developing multiple versions of the same ad and closely monitoring which did better in terms of impressions and clicks – important metrics in any campaign. In doing so we were able to choose the most advantageous ad.

Our approach meant that the team at GBG could hand over the day-to-day management of their ads and let us take care of making sure that they had the best possible ads.

The Results

Thanks to the regular optimisations, we have been able to generate more leads each month for the same cost per acquisition (CPA).

So far, the key indicators of success include:

  • 98% increase in conversions
  • 16% decrease in the CPA.
Colleagues discussing work

Since the start of 2018, WebBox have managed all of our paid advertising (PPC) campaigns across a number of channels. There’s no doubt that WebBox has been instrumental in growing and optimising the campaigns to get the best results for us. We feel 100% confident that WebBox will always look to improve the campaign’s performance and highlight areas for growth, whilst also delivering upon our business objectives. We also have a regular call with our paid ads specialist so that we’re always kept in the loop about recent changes and we can align on the agreed KPIs. I would certainly recommend WebBox to anyone looking for PPC management!

Julia Baker, General Manager, Gastric Balloon Group

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