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With a history spanning over 20 years, Educ8 has established itself as a trusted and innovative partner for individuals and organisations seeking educational and professional development opportunities.

Educ8 is renowned for its diverse range of courses, apprenticeships, and tailored training solutions, all designed to meet the unique needs of its learners. The company’s purpose is unmistakable: to empower individuals to reach their full potential, bridging the gap between education and employability, and nurturing confident, skilled, and highly motivated individuals.

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The Challenge

The partnership with Educ8 began with a comprehensive exploration of their needs and aspirations during a kickoff meeting. Recognising Educ8’s status as a group, we proposed a complete website redesign alongside a branding update to accurately reflect this identity.

We considered how users would navigate between each of the businesses separate websites, along with how the website would scale as potentially other businesses were added to the group in the future. This led to an additional level of navigation that allows the user to navigate seamlessly between each of the group websites.

Through close collaboration, our team gained insights into Educ8’s objectives, paving the way for the recommendation of WordPress as the ideal CMS solution for its security and scalability. This solution allowed each of the businesses within the group to have their own identity and website, however, each website would use a similar design and system to ensure consistency across the group.

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The Solution

The solution crafted by our team for Educ8 Group is a testament to innovation and adaptability, offering a robust and scalable digital platform that meets the diverse needs of the businesses within the group. Through meticulous design and development efforts, we delivered three distinct websites for Educ8 Group, each tailored to the unique branding of its respective business. While maintaining uniformity in layout, these websites showcase individual branding elements, ensuring a cohesive yet tailored online presence for each division of Educ8 Group.

Powered by the WordPress content management system and enriched with bespoke elements (using PHP, Laravel, HTML, and JS), our solution prioritises flexibility, user-friendliness, and engagement. The seamless integration of these technologies enables Educ8 Group to effortlessly manage and update their websites while ensuring a superior user experience for every visitor. By incorporating best practices in UI/UX and digital design, we have created an immersive online environment that captivates and informs users at every step in the journey.

In addition to the core functionalities, we implemented a range of tracking tools that empower Educ8 Group to monitor and analyse their website’s performance effectively. This strategic approach to data-driven insights enables informed decision-making and continuous optimisation, ensuring that Educ8 Group remains at the forefront of digital excellence in their industry.

Furthermore, our commitment to accessibility is reflected in the implementation of an accessibility toggle, allowing users to adapt their browsing experience according to their preferences and needs. Through these comprehensive measures, our solution not only elevates Educ8 Group’s online presence, but also fosters inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

What’s next

We continue to support Educ8 Group via one of our website support plans as they continually develop the website based on user feedback, trends, and data.

The website undergoes regular updates, introducing new features aimed at enhancing the website’s functionality and user experience. Stay tuned for these updates!

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