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BIOHIT Healthcare is a trusted provider of diagnostic tests, health products, and services aimed at enhancing the management and care of digestive diseases worldwide.

Since its inception, BIOHIT has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying diagnostic tests pivotal in clinical laboratories, endoscopy units, practice clinics, and academic and clinical research settings. Committed to improving patient outcomes, BIOHIT’s comprehensive range of offerings plays a crucial role in streamlining diagnostics and facilitating effective patient management, both in the UK and across the globe.

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The Challenge

BIOHIT Healthcare faced a dual challenge when they approached WebBox – Firstly, their website struggled with indexing on Google, hindering its visibility and reach within the target audience. Secondly, the website wasn’t generating enough leads, falling short of their business objectives.

BIOHIT sought a long-term strategy that would align with their business objectives, alongside another mechanism that would allow for short-term campaigns to promote new product launches.

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BIOHIT Healthcare website Mockup

The Solution

In light of this, we proposed a strategic blend of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, leveraging the strengths of both approaches to deliver optimal results. This hybrid strategy aimed to enhance BIOHIT’s online presence, improve search engine rankings, and drive qualified leads to their website, ensuring sustained growth and adaptability.

For the SEO component, we conducted a thorough audit of their website to identify and address technical issues affecting indexing and search engine visibility. We implemented a tailored SEO strategy focused on optimising the website’s structure, improving content quality, and enhancing keyword targeting to boost organic traffic and rankings on Google.

In parallel, our PPC specialists created targeted campaigns tailored to BIOHIT’s unique product offerings and audience demographics. We utilised advanced keyword research and targeting techniques to optimise ad performance and maximise ROI. By continuously monitoring and refining campaign parameters, including ad copy, bidding strategies, and audience targeting, we ensured that the campaigns remained effective at all times.

What’s next

We continue to work with BIOHIT to manage their SEO and PPC campaigns, as we seek new opportunities to grow the online presence and optimise the campaign’s in line with the business’ objectives.

Some of the SEO campaign highlights include:

  • Impressions increased by 142%
  • Clicks increased by 95%
  • Visibility of tracked keywords increased  by 48%.

Some of the PPC campaign highlights include:

  • Conversion Rate increased by 182%
  • Conversions increased by 100%.
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