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As a pioneer in the global diagnostics industry for over half a century, BBI Solutions is a leading manufacturer of critical reagents and a developer and manufacturer of point of care tests for the in-vitro diagnostics market.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, they were selected as a critical member of the UK Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC), a specialist group of companies tasked by the UK Government to develop a COVID-19 lateral flow antibody test, that people could use in their homes to determine if they had an antibody response to COVID-19.

BBI Solutions also developed their market position through growth and key acquisitions during this time. This rapid growth expedited the need to refresh and enhance their digital presence and redevelop their eCommerce website to reflect their innovation, global reach, and market position.

BBI Solutions logo featuring overlapping circles with "BBI" in the left circle and "Solutions" to the right, set against a gradient red background.
A scientist in a lab coat and safety goggles is using a microscope while holding a pipette.
BBI Solution Macbook Mockup

The Challenge

BBI Solutions had unique requirements that would allow them to serve their international business, stakeholders, investors, and customers through the new website. Therefore, they were looking for a digital agency that could take a bespoke approach as relying on off-the-shelf modules would not suffice.

Moreso, the project had to move at pace in order to meet tight deadlines that could not be moved. However, the business was undertaking internal stakeholder sessions to gather requirements and feedback throughout the project. This led to us using the Agile methodology to deliver the project in the most efficient way. This allowed us to adapt the scope of work throughout the project, while also delivering the MVP as soon as possible.

BBI Solution Macbook Mockup
BBI Solutions Phone Mockup
Close-up view of a microscope lens focused on a slide with bright illumination from below.

The Solution

We worked in partnership with the marketing team and other stakeholders to understand the critical aspects of the project, such as the content architecture, user experience, user journeys, design (within the existing brand guidelines), CMS development, and training.

Following this Discovery Phase, we entered the Design and Development phases. It was clear that an agile and phased approach would be best for BBI’s team and stakeholders so that the project could move forward as the business scaled and continued to define the requirements.

Amongst a long list of deliverables, we developed a number of key features including the ability to purchase off-the-shelf reagents online, language switcher, document library, Certificates Of Analysis retrieval tool, CRM integration, careers feed, and event listings.

To ensure that both parties were aligned, Project Managers on both sides had regular meetings to keep things on track and ensure consistent communication throughout the process. To monitor progress, we set mini-milestones (sprints) to keep track of where we were, and how this aligned with the overall project objectives. This approach ensured that even with an expedited delivery timeline, we met all deadlines set out for us by the client for each phase. Marketing and the Senior Leadership team were an integral part of the feedback loop, ensuring strategic objectives were considered in the rebuild and enabling BBI Solutions to position themselves as an innovative industry leader.

What’s next

As soon as the new website was launched, the organic bounce rate decreased by 19%, pages per session increased by 18% and average session duration increased by 19%.

We continue to support BBI Solutions with one of our website support plans as they continually develop the website based on user-feedback, trends, and data.

Our work with BBI Solutions is part of a longer-term relationship as the project will continue to have successive phases as the business continues its fast-paced growth. The digital journey that lies ahead is an exciting step forward for WebBox and BBI Solutions, and we look forward to continuing the relationship.

Colleagues discussing work

We selected WebBox to undertake the design and development of our main website; From the start, WebBox understood the aims and objectives, whilst working closely with my team to define, shape and deliver our requirements with an agile approach. Breaking down the project into phases, with regular milestones, helped us to keep on track with the ambitious timescales that the business had defined. The team at WebBox brought creative and innovative ideas to the table and have exceeded our expectations with the final result – thank you so much! We look forward to continuing to work with you as we evolve our digital assets.

Claudio Simone, Group Marketing Manager, BBI Solutions

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