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We specialise in delivering bespoke websites and performance marketing campaigns for sports, health, and leisure organisations to help them get digitally fit! By putting your users first and our insights at the core of every decision we make together, we create unforgettable website experiences and campaigns that will give you a competitive edge.

Why Choose Us?

Working with WebBox means partnering with a trusted and established agency, that was founded on this core value – to provide relentlessly responsive digital support. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach, by sharing our insights and recommendations to drive a tangible impact within your organisation. With a focus on client success and satisfaction, WebBox is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and continuous improvement for your digital initiatives.

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Our Values

Proactively Ambitious

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, finding new and innovative solutions for the benefit of our clients.

Relentlessly Responsive

Timely communication is at the core of everything we do so that our client’s needs are at the forefront of our day to day work through positive communication

Purposefully Balanced

Focusing on our mental and physical well-being, and promoting a healthy work / life balance, to excel in the delivery of our work.

Reliably Insightful

Being the go-to source for trends and innovation, backed up by data, experience and expertise.

Collaboratively Creative

Bringing together our expertise with our client’s expertise, to shape ideas into tangible outcomes.

How we’ve evolved

Ironically enough, WebBox emerged from a box room in 2008, fueled by our MD, Will’s passion for coding. With exceptional service at our core, we expanded after winning our first NHS project, which sparked a strong interest in healthcare. We have taken this to the next level and now focus on promoting active lifestyles and specialise in improving digital experiences for sports, health, and leisure organisations.


WebBox is founded in a spare bedroom during the financial crisis with a vision for exceptional service.

A desk with a laptop, a smartphone, a water bottle, and a potted plant, positioned by a window with a view of buildings and a church tower outside.


Secured the first public sector project for the NHS, developing a user-friendly intranet, marking the start of significant client relationships.

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We hired our first employee, beginning the journey of team expansion.

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We looked into and rebranded to WebBox, enhancing the brand identity and expanding service offerings.

A glass door with the word "Focus." etched in large letters at the center, leading to an office space with visible lighting and part of a wooden door frame.


WebBox moved to a new office in Penarth, facilitating further growth. Welcoming new members to the team.

A conference room with a white oval table, black chairs, a potted plant, a TV, a coffee machine, and green storage units. A round window with "WebBox" branding is in the background.


We began working with our first FTSE index client Airbus, developing hardware which was used by the Welsh Government. Our second, DS Smith are still valued clients today.

A person works at a desk in an office. The focus is on a box labeled "DS Smith" in the foreground, with computer monitors and office supplies in the background.


We achieved Google Partner Accreditation, showcasing digital marketing expertise. Later in 2016, we were certified as a Google Ads Specialist.

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We weren't satisfied with the off-the-shelf CMS solutions that were hackable and not flexible enough. So we developed the WebBox CMS, offering clients a customized content management solution.

Close-up of a computer screen displaying code in PHP, highlighting functions and variables related to contact forms and session management.


Became the UK's first SensioLabs accredited agency, demonstrating technical proficiency.

SenseioLabs Affiliate Network logo with 'Sensio' in black and 'Labs' in green above 'AFFILIATE NETWORK' in black text on a light background.


After nine years of grafting and growing, it was time to review and evolve our brand to ensure our brand represented who we are and what we do.

Three iterations of the WebBox logo. The top is gray and green on white, the middle is black on white, and the bottom is white on navy background. Each features a square with an arrow.


WebBox turns 10! Something to celebrate! It's been a long ride, but we're proud of everything we've achieved within 10 years of growth and success.

Colorful letters that spell "webbox birthdays" are arranged on a wood board.


We moved to a new headquarters, enhancing our capacity for growth and client services.

A modern conference room with a long wooden table, chairs, hanging light fixtures, and two large screens on the brick wall. Sunlight streams in through the large windows on the right.


We had the chance to take some time and step back. This meant we could consider our services, refine processes and improve our proposition for new and existing clients.

Turquoise background with five text phrases: "Collaboratively Creative," "Relentlessly Responsive," "Proactively Ambitious," "Seriously Skilled," and "Brutally Transparent." WebBox logo at the bottom.


Welcomed new team members and integrated new technologies, continuing to innovate and expand.

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We're 15! After working heavily in sport, health, & leisure, an updated proposition reflects our expertise.

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Website Design
& Development

We develop websites and applications for sports, health and leisure organisations, that often incorporate 3rd party integrations, bespoke workflows, and unique features. We always put our clients in the driving seat with regards to managing their website, while offering a relentlessly responsive support service. We employ an experienced team of developers which use cutting edge technologies that are selected based on your requirements. This agnostic approach to technology ensures the project’s outcome is fit-for-purpose.

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As part of building long term partnerships with our clients, we are committed to delivering unrivalled support tailored to you and your website. We offer three support plans – Maintain, Grow, and Accelerate – offering flexibility to meet specific needs and allowing us to showcase one of our values to be Relentlessly Responsive.

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We run performance marketing campaigns to help sports, health and leisure organisations increase leads, sales, membership enquiries, and online bookings. With our laser-focused targeting, and eye-catching ads, we take organisations to the next level with an unrivalled level of transparency and collaboration.

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We enjoy taking the time to understand your vision and objectives so we can recommend the best way to bring them to life – after all, we are “Collaboratively Creative”. Meet some of the fantastic team members you’ll have the pleasure of collaborating with:

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