Symfony CMS.

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Perfect for projects that need a bespoke approach.

At WebBox we have developed our own content management system (CMS) for projects with complex specifications.

Born out of our frustration with using off-the-shelf solutions that were regularly hacked and not flexible enough for our clients’ needs, our proprietary CMS is now used by the NHS and FTSE 100 firms Airbus and DS Smith.

Because every client is different, and each brief is unique, so are our solutions. Our expertise in this area means that not only will our solution meet your needs today, but will be flexible enough to meet your changing business requirements in the future.

Built using the Symfony framework, used as a basis for many other content management systems and in which we are fully accredited, our CMS is ideal for projects that require a more bespoke approach.

It lends itself to endless possibilities, especially when it comes to third-party integrations, complicated eCommerce projects and platforms that can be scaled.

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Why WebBox?.


In 2018 we celebrated our 10th year anniversary, delivering carefully crafted digital solutions to hundreds of clients across the world. We still work with our first ever client.


We don’t use off-the-shelf templates, instead we opt to tailor our solutions which watch our client’s requirements and deliver results-focused outcomes.


We are proud to be an Official Google Partner, and one of the few agencies in the UK to have passed all exams, which means we are an accredited Google Analytics and Google Ads Specialist.


Our in-house team consists of designers, developers and digital marketing professionals, each equipped with a high level of competence in their respected fields.


You will have sight of the project’s progress at all times and you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact. Furthermore, there is no small print, hidden charges or long-term contracts.

6We Care

Apart from our industry-leading expertise, our commitment to going the extra mile sets us apart. In fact, we know that adding value to your business is at the very foundation of our business.