CMS version 5.4.0.

Version 5.4.0 of WebBox CMS was released on 18th April 2019 with the following changes:

Notable features

  • Added commands to test email delivery, SMS delivery, and Stripe integration.
  • Added Font Awesome Pro 5.
  • Integrated free currency conversion API, "".
  • Media manager interface improvements for larger media pools.
  • Meta data overhaul for sites, blogs, events, pages, products, and taxonomies for consistency and added properties.
  • PHP version 7.1 or later is now required.
  • Searching overhauled with a cleaner and more consistent interface.
  • Stripe upgrades to work without requiring user registration.


  • CkEditor: Added anchor button.
  • Doctrine driver will now take in the parameter.
  • Doctrine will now use UTF8MB4 character set:
    • Fixes emoji characters causing an error.
    • Unique keys can no longer be 200 long AND charset UTF8MB4, because that exceeds the 767 byte limit. (That brings down the limit of these to 191, but we can be more sensible than that.)
    • Updated all tables to use UTF8MB4, though a schema update won't detect this. (For existing tables you need to do the conversion yourself, though a tool like phpMyAdmin can do this per-database for you.)
  • PHP version 7.1 or later is now required:
    • For Debian 8/9 systems you should use the PHP packages provided by the Sury repository.
    • For CentOS systems you should use the PHP packages provided by the REMI EPEL repository.
  • Time zone parameter at application level.

Admin (CMS)

  • CMS header: Removed user name display.
  • Data type:
    • Added types for date, time, and date+time.
    • Grouped media fields together.
  • Filter form:
    • Use URL from form action if it has one defined.
    • Fixed filter URL getting longer and longer and longer and longer and longer and longer and longer and longer with each successive filter submission.
  • Sites now have a meta title for the front end title. (Used for SEPR/SEO/Schema etc.)
  • Style tweak for form bits in a table header.


  • Added Font Awesome Pro 5.
  • Meta overhaul:
    • Added meta title Twig block.
    • Added meta title to products, events, pages, and taxonomies.
    • Added description plain to product.
    • Added meta properties to serialisation.
    • Changed meta keywords to be 160 characters.
  • Searching:
    • Entities Blog, Event, Page, and Product now implement SearchableEntityInterface. (As blogs are not translatable they simply ignore the language input in relevant functions.)
    • Overhauled the search controller/views to be more generic/consistent.
    • Split types into tabs in the site-wide search so pagination isn't needed, with a link to view further results.


  • CMS: Fixed error when deleting a blog that had relations to other blogs.


  • Address: Option to exclude name and/or company in formatted outputs.
  • Checkout: Fixed new address forms missing a submit button.
  • CMS:
    • Dashboard: Corrected products shortcut icon.
    • Fixed slug not setting when cloning a product.
    • Improved product cloning.
  • Order library: Fixed infinite loop when creating an order at the end of the checkout.
  • Product typeahead: Include SKU in label.
  • Stripe:
    • Added support to not capture charges immediately. (Authorize only.)
    • Added test command.
    • Create customer can now take in a default source/token ID string to assign immediately.
    • Create customer no longer sets default currency.
    • Fallback to platform default currency when necessary.
    • Nearly all functions of which take in an entity input (e.g. StripeCustomer, StripeCharge, etc) can now take in an ID string if preferred. (Useful for websites without registration but take one-off donations.)
    • Subscriptions now support quantity.


  • Integrated free currency conversion API, "".


  • Added command to test email delivery.
  • Added command to prune all contact messages older than 6 months.


  • Exclude the person's name from the address when Geocoding.


  • Language phrases form: Minimum width for text boxes.


  • Media manager:
    • Folder icons will either show as opaque or transparent depending on whether there are any child folders inside.
    • Folder tree will start collapsed apart from the root folder and currently selected folder.
    • Folder tree can now be expanded/collapsed by clicking the opaque folder icon. (The icon will toggle to open/closed depending on the current expanded/collapsed state.)
    • Selecting multiple files now requires CTRL+CLICK or clicking on the tick box explicitly.
  • Rich editor module:
    • Added POST/AJAX capability for loading the editor to work around Chrome's false positive XSS block, but it won't work in all instances.
    • Attempted to adapt height
    • Fixed clicking Cancel not always closing the editor modal.
    • Style tweaks.
    • Use client-side session storage to load content if required. (This should resolve XSS issues and long URIs.)


  • CMS:
    • Removed outer tabs.
    • Moved add item below current items.


  • Added command to test SMS delivery.


  • CMS:
    • Browsing is now easier by showing 1 level at a time. -- This will be a big benefit to sites with a large taxonomy tree.
    • Changed the create from ancestor to work with create from parent.
    • Fixed "created" instead of "updated" when editing a taxonomy.
    • Fixed language's general tab not opening.


  • Remember me cookie tweaks.
  • Social auth branding updates.
  • User "came from" feature is now firewall specific.