CMS version 5.3.2.

Version 5.3.2 of WebBox CMS was released on 11th February 2019 with the following changes:


  • Changed date/time in AJAX responses and serialisation to use RFC 2822 instead of ISO 8601 because Safari can't process ISO 8601 like all theothers.
  • Login/Auth forms: Some consistency with hidden fields.
  • New command "imagecache:clear" to clear the image cache.

Admin (CMS)

  • CMS CRON: Table tweak.
  • CMS maintenance:
    • Added image processor cache clear command.
    • Tweaked table layout for consistency.
  • CMS site settings: Browser requirements tweaks.
  • Data types CMS: Order by name.
  • Data type content form:
    • Fixed text input cursor jumping the end while typing in the middle.
    • Fixed text input not accepting spaces at the end while typing at the start/end.
  • Site:
    • Added property for a Google API key.
      • Unlike the one in the Google API key in the application parameters this one is for functionality within the web browser, of which is restricted by HTTP referrer, such as JavaScript maps.
      • The application parameters one is for server-side operations such as geocoding.


  • AJAX form validation:
    • Added CMS controller as a proxy to the main one so the user isn't lost when building the phantom form. (Same two routes but with "admin_" prefixed.)
    • Partial fix in the JS to stop two AJAX requests going in parallel.
  • Button style: Corrected "defaukt" -> "default".
  • Bootstrap: Fixed map files causing conflicts.
  • Layout JS: Fixed our in-line scripts not initialising if the external async script (with all the libraries/dependencies) loads too quickly.
  • Link library:
    • Added option to trim out application entry points (app.php and app_dev.php) from URLs it makes.
    • Added place holder for client bundle.
    • Added route for user Stripe.
  • Meta blocks:
    • Facebook: Scale resize the logo to fit the expected proportions.
    • Get "og:image:type" from Gregwar image class.
    • Twitter: Use the favicon instead to fit the expected proportions.
  • Tool-tips:
    • Added classes for context styling.
    • Fixed jQueryUI functionality taking priority over Bootstrap.


  • Products CMS:
    • Build category tree starting with just the main product categories, not all the descendants.
    • Expose root product category to view.
    • Fixed taxonomy media paths not being set.
    • Corrections to the related/category type-ahead.
  • Stripe front end:
    • Added success message when payment details are added on the front end.
    • Moved into its own section in from the user bundle.
  • Stripe library:
    • API updates for transfers.
    • Descriptions can now be customised.


  • Mail parser library: Added "user_account_url" and "user_account_edit_url" common placeholders providing a link to those front end routes.


  • Geocode library: Cache results in session (with optional skip) to reduce queries made.


  • Media manager:
    • Fixed invert selection doing nothing.
    • Fixed toolbar buttons remaining selected after clicking.
    • Renaming an item now shows its name in the modal.
    • Tweak to the click-able region and pointer cursor in the directory tree to reduce confusion.


  • CMS: Corrected item tab labels.


  • Sample page: Added tooltips to the icons.


  • Dispatched CMS: Fixed showing current date/time when the date/time is null.


  • Category controller: Fixed template for root taxonomy not being used if a category had no department (or was itself a department).
  • Product sort/filter form overhauled.
  • Sort children and descendants by name.


  • Forgot password: After submitting the form you're taken to the login page instead of home page.
  • Group CMS: Fixed a couple of HTTP errors when running AJAX validation.
  • Moved Stripe management for the user into its own section in the commerce bundle.
  • User: Address will SET NULL on delete.
  • User account edit: Stripe JS tweak for ID selectors.
  • User CMS:
    • Address and commerce tabs.
    • Commerce tab permission tweak.
  • User redirect preparation:
    • This no longer uses "_came_from" if it's "home" or "dashboard" unless there are route parameters present.
    • This will look if "_target_path" is present in POST data.
  • User self verification (email/telephone):
    • Do not send verifications if the user entity doesn't have this information available.
    • Fixed verification code not always setting if you're not logged in when responding.


  • Updated our logo.