CMS version 4.9.0.

Version 4.9.0 of WebBox CMS was released on 27th November 2017 with the following changes:

Notable features

  • Drag and drop media uploading in rich content editors.
  • High performance caching features.
  • Improved menu editor interface in the CMS.
  • Improved rich content editor with automatic URL-to-link and showing a word count.
  • New blog bundle.
  • New CMS dashboard counters.
  • New media/file manager with a ton of improved functionality.
  • New shipping modules.
  • Pages can now be password protected with a specific or per-site password.
  • Products can now use data types.
  • Reduced and tidied toolbar buttons in rich content editors.
  • Request callback module to produce a contact message without a body.


  • Ability to set HTTP caching headers where appropriate to improve performance.
  • Added function to create a window overlay message to show when something is in progress.

Admin (CMS)

  • Dashboard: Added counter for blogs, administrators, editors, and contributors.
  • Data type content form: Node values are now made HTML safe.
  • Different flash message for unauthenticated users vs authenticated users without site admin rights.
  • Style:
    • Fixed button colours in modal footers.
    • Fixed modals not displaying.
    • Fixed rows in modal bodies not being sized correctly.
    • Improved visibility of modal close button in the header.


  • Moved Twitter feed to a module so it's easier to call again anywhere.
  • ReCAPTCHA: Trying out a workaround for multiple instances on one page.


  • Completely re-built the bundle.
  • Removed blog categories, use taxonomies instead.


  • CMS: Fixed error when trying to use Stripe platform features before configuring Stripe.
  • Products: Fixed site assignments not always being honoured.
  • Products: Integrated data types as "Attributes".
  • Shipping: Moved shipping cost logic into shipping modules, out of the cart.
  • Shipping: Implemented the per-product shipping module.


  • New "request callback" mini form, which submits as a contact message without a message.


  • Accept 3G2, ICO, M4A, RTF, SVG, VSD, and WEBP file types.
  • Brand new file manager:
    • Entirely Javascript and AJAX based with a new interface. - No page refreshes!
    • Ability for CkEditor to upload a file to a path. (For drag and drop image insertion/uploading.)
    • Ability to rename files/directories.
    • Drag and drop file/directory moving.
    • Drag and drop file uploading to the working directory or any directory visible in the tree or working directory contents.
    • Download a file.
    • Preview modal showing a preview of a browser viewable file in a modal. (Plain text, audio, images, and video.)
    • Properties modal showing information about a file/directory.
    • Upload modal offering the Dropzone uploader, classic uploader, and moved the upload rules/limits here.
    • View styles and sorting preferences are remembered in local storage.
    • View styles of working directory content: Thumbnail, icon, and details.
  • Rich content editor:
    • Reduced default toolbar to a single row of the most useful items.
    • Set UI colour to match our CMS palette.
    • Enlarged widget so more of the screen is used.
    • Enabled drag and drop file/image uploading.
    • Added auto-link, whereby pasting a URL will insert it as a clickable link automatically.
    • Added word count to the buttom of the editor.
  • Image chooser widget:
    • Fixed clear button not triggering an input value change.
    • Improved button reliability.


  • Menus are now sorted by name in the CMS.
  • CMS form: Improved reliability and visual appearance.


  • Added the Twitter feed module to the home page.
  • Improved page sorting algorithm.
  • Pages can now be password protected.
  • Pages can use a default password configured per site if desired.
  • Users with CMS access can now view unpublished pages on the front end, and view password protected pages without needing the password.


  • CMS form: Moved SEO fields to a different tab to lighten the interface.


  • Fixed 404 errors due to front end library assets being looked at in the wrong location.