CMS version 4.6.0.

Version 4.6.0 of WebBox CMS was released on 18th April 2017 with the following changes:

Notable features

  • Contact messages from the front end are now recorded, and can be viewed again in the CMS.
  • Contact messages from the front end now have a CMS customisable email template.
  • Banner images can now be re-ordered.
  • Image picker / uploader widget is now available to banner images.
  • Image picker / uploader widget is now available to page content.


  • Updated KNP Paginator to version 2.5.4.
  • Updated URL auto-convert to commit d198822d5d343eba80f2e2989861b3f8c340bc1a.
  • Updated Sensio extra framework bundle to version 3.0.25.
  • Updated SwiftMailer bundle to version 2.5.4.
  • Updated Symfony to version 2.8.19.
  • Updated Twig to version 1.33.0.

Admin (CMS)

  • Fixed being sent you to the wrong location after saving taxonomy changes.
  • Integrated the new image chooser module for pages, sites, taxonomies, and users.
  • Improved styling for the image preview / picker widget.


  • Home content is now pulled from a page with slug "home" so the page types content can be used.
  • Improved the reliability of the Twitter feed widget.


  • Images are now re-orderable.
  • Images now uses the media bundle to choose image.


  • Compatibility tweak for customers using IPv6 connectivity.
  • Fixed being unable to unset a coupon during the checkout.
  • Fixed edge case where a disabled product can still be viewed.
  • Worldpay Business gateway:
    • Tweak for when a coupon is used.
    • Fixed no redirect happening if no transaction ID is returned from the gateway.
    • Stricter verification of gateway response message.


  • Contact forms are now persisted for viewing in the CMS later on.
  • Email template for contact form.


  • Added button to use classic uploader.
  • Added lots more file types.
  • Changed visual for non-images to friendly icons.
  • Style improvements.


  • CMS: Sort pages by name as standard.
  • Integrated the image picker / uploader for page content.