CMS version 4.4.0.

Version 4.4.0 of WebBox CMS was released on 19th January 2017 with the following changes:

Notable features

  • Base views (used for error pages) now look a little more brand/client specific as the CMS V3 green background image is gone.
  • Overhauled the commercial calculations when using both fixed and percentage based coupon to be Sage compliant.


  • Base view: (used for error pages)
    • Added views for HTTP errors 401 (bad request), 403 (forbidden), and 500 (internal server error) so the friendly message can be a bit more than a simple "Oops!".
    • Removed background image as our CMS doesn't use this any more.
    • Use Open Sans font.


  • Fixed an error in occasional and somewhat inconsistent circumstances.


  • Totals calculation:
    • Increased rounding precision to 6 places.
    • Fixed value and percentage based coupons now calculate with more Sage compliance.