CMS version 4.11.0.

Version 4.11.0 of WebBox CMS was released on 11th April 2018 with the following changes:

Notable features

  • AJAX form validation to show issues before the form is submitted.
  • Better support for hosting sites in a sub-folder.
  • Data types content: Support for integer and float numeric input types.
  • Data types content: Support for link library, providing diverse customisable links.
  • Data types content: Support for media, audio, and video input types.
  • Data types content: Support for multi-lingual.
  • New file chooser widget for the CMS: Used to choose a file that isn't an image.
  • Speech recognition searching.
  • XML site map generator based on live content.


  • Added Egulias email validator 1.2.14.
  • Added Facile-it Doctrine MySQL come back 1.6.4.
  • Locale determined by URL should take top priority.
  • Updated Doctrine cache bundle to 1.3.3.
  • Updated Facebook Graph SDK to 5.6.2.
  • Updated Gregwar image bundle to commit:080ebc41d0.
  • Updated Incenteev composer parameter handler to 2.1.3.
  • Updated KNP Labs components to 1.3.8.
  • Updated Kriswallsmith buzz to 0.16.1.
  • Updated Paragonie random compat to 2.0.12.
  • Updated Shapecode CRON bundle to 3.0.4.
  • Updated Symfony to 2.8.38.
  • Updated Twig extensions to 1.5.1.
  • Updated Twig to 2.4.8.
  • Updated WorldPay to 2.1.2.

Admin (CMS)

  • AJAX form validation to show issues before the form is submitted.
  • Fixed translation entities not being available in the creation form.
  • New way of getting site by alternative and sub-folder host names / URLs.
  • Dashboard:
    • Email button goes to the contact messages instead of templates.
    • Re-order shortcut buttons to match the side menu order.
  • Data types:
    • Fixed invalid order number error if the order number is 0. (New fields should assume 1 if no other fields exist, not 0/null.)
    • Fixed tree not always sorting fields by their order if their name matched a specific expression.
    • New field types "Link: Target/URL" and "Link: Label/text", using the URL and Label functions from the link library.
    • Update the last known order when parsing the tree if a node already had an order set.
  • Data types content:
    • Field value inputs (right side) will now show in the same order as they are in the tree when editing a collection item.
    • Fixed un-escaped HTML value causing breakage in the value input section.
    • Support for integer and float input numeric types. -- Input type "number" with appropriate "step" attribute.
    • Support for media, audio, and video input types. -- They use the file chooser widget. (We'll make one for video and audio specifically later.)
    • Updated JS module to be able to handle multiple form inputs, so it's now suitable for multi-lingual.
  • Moved header background image to an asset so it'll always work for sites hosted in sub-folders.
  • Site settings: Updated data type content form for module amends.


  • AJAX form validation to show issues before the form is submitted.
  • Flash messages: Added AJAX functionality to retrieve them so they can work with CDNs.
  • Header search: Added speech recognition API.
  • Layout: Moved browser support div to the end of the page so it shouldn't appear in Google excerpts.
  • Link library:
    • Added common help snippets for the CMS.
    • Added predefined routes for search and XML sitemap.
    • Label function: Added "icon" prefix for inserting a FontAwesome icon, e.g. "icon:home" for "fa-home".
    • Label function: Removed site properties that have been moved to data types.
    • Support for linking to blog posts and products.
    • URL function: Fixed absolute links being treated as a special link.
  • XML sitemap:
    • Added support for blog posts and products.
    • Added symbolic link "/sitemap.xml" route.
    • Use full site URLs.


  • Blog repository:
    • Fixed keyword searching not looking at the author.
    • Improvement to finding articles that are unpublished when desired.
    • Improvement to getting the featured article.
  • CMS: Related tab pointed correctly.


  • Checkout:
    • Fixed validation issue with a new address and the user it belongs to.
    • More robust AJAX flow.
    • Re-factored each segment to be simpler and more uniform.
  • CMS (products):
    • Do not create translation for primary language.
    • Fixed URL not using the correct slug formatting.
    • Multi-lingual data type content.
  • Product view price:
    • Added AJAX price updates when the options form is filled in.
    • Ignore empty product option value ID if the option is not required.
    • Ignore product option if the option type is text/textarea.
  • Tax rate:
    • BC math functions use round precision from the total library.
    • Function `removeTax()` supports both types, not just percentage.


  • Callback request module:
    • Fixed issue with getting the category of message being submitted.
    • Show submission error as a flash message in the module instead of an intrusive alert.
  • CMS: Email design/template preview repairs.
  • Mail parser: Fixed issue when extra place holders are defined but as an empty list.


  • CMS:
    • Added flag image preview when creating/editing a language.
    • CMS: Corrected routing for phrases.
  • Static ISO-639 list to help link language codes with territory ISO-3166 codes.


  • Media manager:
    • Fixed classic uploader prepending the file with "Cfakepath" due to a security feature in Webkit based browsers, e.g. Chrome and Safari.
    • Fixed dropzone uploader not placing the file in the correct remote folder.
    • New file chooser widget. -- It's like the image chooser, but with a file path/URL shown instead of an image preview/thumbnail.


  • Menu items: Make raw name/url available to Twig as `_name` and `_url`.
  • Reliability fixes.
  • Support for icons.


  • CMS:
    • Do not create translation for primary language.
    • Fixed page preview not showing the pending page content. (Data types content.)
    • Multi-lingual data type content.
  • Page repository: Improvement to finding articles that are unpublished when desired.


  • CMS:
    • Do not create translation for primary language.
    • Multi-lingual data type content.
  • Products category: Added AJAX "load more" feature.


  • Change all "WebBox Digital" to "WebBox".
  • CkEditor: Blockquote button added to toolbar.
  • Country flags: Renamed some of the miscellaneous flags to ISO-3166(ish) codes.
  • Images:
    • Added ALT tag wherever possible.
    • Set background colour to white/black instead of FFFFFF/000000 where supported.
  • Redirect common WordPress URLs to HTTP 410 (gone).
  • Removed a commercial flag image.